Creating realistic resolutions

By Gina Lopez

(Daily Collegian File Photo)
(Daily Collegian File Photo)

Here we are again. It’s that time of year where everyone presses the restart button. We all vow to be a better, healthier, happier version of ourselves once that clock strikes midnight. But why is it that every year we conjure up unrealistic goals for ourselves that produce little else than unnecessary stress?

I’ve always been weary of the idea of news year’s resolutions. The first reason being that the start of a new calendar year is an arbitrary way of measuring one’s goals because time is essentially a social construct. I think any time of the year is a good time to make a positive change.

A second reason I’ve typically stayed away from the idea of a new year’s resolution is the fact that they often feel so unattainable. Personally, whenever I’ve chosen a resolution that sounds good on paper, I end up running out of steam before springtime hits.

Nevertheless, I’m ready for a new year filled with positivity, knowledge and fresh experiences. So I created a list filled with short and sweet resolutions that I hope will make it through the year with you rather than falling by the wayside.

Read one book a month

I understand how busy life gets when you least expect it and how seemingly self-indulgent activities, like reading for pleasure, are the first to get overlooked. But I challenge you, in the midst of all life’s craziness, to read one book a month. A book about anything you find interest in or hope to learn about.

A helpful tip to keep the ball rolling on this resolution is to pick a specific topic you want to become more knowledgeable on and only pick out books pertaining to that subject.

Save for a trip you’ve always wanted to go on

This resolution will help you budget your everyday money and give you something to look forward to during the colder, drearier months of the year.

A helpful tip for this goal is to keep a labeled jar in your kitchen so you can throw any extra pocket change when you come in the door into something that’ll be worth your while in the end.

Start your creative project: blog, YouTube, Zine, book

While this goal may seem like a lofty one considering the time commitment that starting a creative project requires, it’ll be a rewarding way to look back on your year and supplement your professional resume.

A helpful tip to attain this goal is investing in a planner or a bullet journal to help sketch out creative ideas and hold yourself accountable on personal deadlines.

Define your personal style

This resolution works hand in hand with decluttering your life. Defining your sense of style can help you feel more visually organized, represented by your wardrobe, and also cut down on the time in the morning where you would normally rifle through exorbitant amounts of clothes that you haven’t worn in years.

A helpful tip to define your personal style is getting yourself a clothing rack where you can hang your favorite pieces of the season and really streamline your look.

Read the newspaper everyday

This is a resolution that I’m personally trying to achieve. I think reading the newspaper everyday not only elevates your knowledge of current events, but it can also help to increase your vocabulary and even plans for the weekend if you frequent the entertainment section of the paper.

A helpful tip for carrying this resolution into your everyday life is downloading the apps of your favorite news sources to your phone so you can read the paper no matter where you are.

Make more of your own coffee

To both develop an appreciation for different roasts and save money all at once, your resolution for 2017 could be to make an effort to make more of your own coffee at home.

If you’re over the noisy and environmentally unfriendly Keurig machine, a fun and easy way to brew coffee for two is a French press. In addition to being more earth friendly, a French press is also a good space-saving alternative to a large Keurig machine that takes up precious counter space.

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