Migos solidifies their place in hip-hop with ‘Culture’

By Steven Turner-Parker

Quavo and Takeoff from the band Migos on June 27, 2015 at the Bet Awards in Los Angeles. (Rob Latour/Rex Features/Zuma Press/TNS)

Superstar hip-hop trio Migos, a group that consists of Offset, Takeoff and Quavo are back with a bang on their second album, “Culture.” The choice of “Culture” as a name is clever, as a way of nodding toward the fact that the trio has contributed to a substantial amount of trends in hip-hop and pop culture in general.

Throughout “Culture,” you can tell how confident Migos are about their music, confidence that likely stems from the whirlwind of success they have accrued from setting trends like the “Dab.” Released on Jan. 27, “Culture” is an album that displays that classic Migos sound, one that has had a huge influence on hip-hop, and that showcases the unique flows of all three members.

At its core, “Culture” displays many of the reasons why Migos’ sound appeals to so many. With their polyrhythmic rhyme schemes, energetic instrumentals and flows coupled with contagious ad-libs, Migos have brought the Atlanta style of hip-hop back to the forefront. As so often happens with a sound as unique as theirs, top-tier artists like Drake and Kanye West have sought to emulate Migos in their own music, but have been unable to fully re-create the ingredients that make the trio’s music so irresistible.

Migos used two of the hottest producers in hip-hop—Metro Boomin and Zaytoven—to take their songs to the next level. Most notable among these songs is the group’s number one hit, “Bad and Boujee.” Spiced up by Metro Boomin, this single is what began the buzz for “Culture,” and it stands as one of the album’s best tracks. When it’s on, you can really feel the group’s presence, personality and flow, something the group spreads through the entire album.

“Culture”’s finest moment however, is “Big on Big.” Produced by Zaytoven, “Big on Big” demonstrates the remarkable connection the trio shares with the producer, and the Atlanta sound that continues to have an undying influence on the genre. The energy Migos presents on “Culture,” is infectious, and transfers effortlessly over to the listener.

“Culture,” considering Migos’ pre-eminence in the pop culture landscape, couldn’t have been timed any better. It stands as confident, uncompromising in sound and steadfast for the fans who have come to love Migos’ style so much.

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