Morning Wood: Apple announces UMass collaboration

By Morning Wood Staff

(Valery Marchive/Flick)

By Jeve Stobs

During Thursday’s press event, Apple announced a brand new collaboration with colleges and universities across the United States—one of them being the University of Massachusetts.

The first round of special edition products will include new iPhone colors, phone cases and watch bands corresponding to each of the school’s colors. These products will be available online and in the UMass campus store on April 14; pre-order will start April 7.

Apple CEO Tim Cook explained how the prices of the products are going to be a bit more expensive than usual.

“We understand there will be some frustration caused by the higher prices, but they are the result of making so many custom colors. The ultimate goal is to bring more school spirit to campuses while providing the best devices on the market,” Cook said.

The maroon iPhone 7’s starting price is at $759 and the 7 Plus’s starting price is $869. The sports band for the Apple watch will be priced at $69  and the silicon iPhone case at $59.

Liz Knobody, a sophomore food science major, shared her excitement.

“I’ve recently upgraded to an iPhone 7 Plus, but I’m super excited to get the new maroon one. I’m not sure how I’m going to afford it, but I’ll find a way,” said Knobody.

When asked about buying the new products at a significantly higher price, Denise McDenna was quick to answer.

The senior linguistics major claimed she “already gives UMass enough money,” but will either take out a loan or charge her parents’ credit card for the new phone.

“I’ve had the best four years here and want to show it with my phone,” she said.

McDenna’s friend, Brat Sullivan, a psychology senior, felt differently.

“I honestly don’t understand the hype. Why spend hundreds of dollars when you could buy a maroon or even a UMass phone case?” said Sullivan.

UMass Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy commented on the news during a recent University press release to express his enthusiasm.

“We are excited to work with Apple during this time. I can’t wait to make Maroon Monday every day,” he said.

At this time it is unknown how much UMass will profit from the collaboration.

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