Emmi Beuger’s Day Off S2E1: Journalism with non-journalists

Emmi Beugers Day Off S2E1: Journalism with non-journalists

By Emilia Beuger

We killed all the journalists here at the Daily Collegian to bring you a very special episode kicking off season two of Emmi Beuger’s Day Off, the podcast with all things op/ed. This week Emmi sat down face to face with Rebecca Duke Wiesenberg to discuss journalism… despite nobody in the room being a journalist. Jake Calkins, the new producer, attempts to fill the shoes of Nick Souza without ruining the fun with his overly dry and sporadic commentary.


  • Journalism from outside the bubble
  • International experiences
  • The state of opinion at UMass
  • Translations at the Daily Collegian

…and more!