Former UMass student returns to Amherst as police officer

By Rebecca Duke Wiesenberg

Collegian File Photo

The University of Massachusetts welcomes back a familiar face to the area. Lindsay Carroll, a 2016 graduate of biology and sociology at the Commonwealth Honors College, has returned to Amherst as a patrol officer for the Amherst Police Department.

During her tenure, Officer Carroll worked as a cadet at the University’s Police Department. As a cadet, she worked primarily on campus, executing foot and parking patrols. She developed rapport with the community as well as an understanding of the area.

The UMass Police Department Deputy Chief, Patrick Archbald, remembers her for her maturity and consistency, describing her as “someone you could count on.”

As a student at the Reading Regional Police Academy, Carroll did not feel as if she was in unfamiliar territory. Her experience as a cadet made her more comfortable on the radio during patrols, and her assurance caught the attention of her teachers and peers.

“She did a great job in the academy,” said Amherst Chief of Police, Scott Livingstone. “She was elected class president by her peers.”

Carroll’s skills were noticed by Chief Livingstone, who hires those he believes are the best fit for the Amherst community.

“She came from an excellent background,” Livingstone said. Now in Amherst, the prior experience of serving locally as a cadet is even more applicable.

“Feeling comfortable knowing my way around the streets, dealing with people here and the vigilance of being prepared of your surroundings, the UMass Police Department definitely helped prepare me,” Carroll reflected.

Additionally, Carroll has an edge of relatability. As a former student and recent graduate, she, in her own words, “relate to students [in the community], since I was one.”

Working in a town in the center of a college consortium, “the relatability factor will be key,” she noted.

Although UMass cadets have matriculated to police departments all over Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine and even Nevada, Carroll chose to return to Amherst.

“It’s nice to be back. I love being here [and] trying to make it my home—again,” Carroll said.

Besides Amherst, Carroll also loves the familial atmosphere of the police department itself.

“They really stress community,” Carroll said.

Fellow Officer Jerry Miller remarked how nice it is to have former UMass students back in town as a member of the police department.

As the newest addition to the department, Carroll wants to give her team and community a positive first impression. Utilizing the skills and vigilance attained through the UMPD cadets program, Carroll said she is “working hard to succeed,” and continuing to develop.

Her effort has already been recognized. “Lindsay’s going to fit in quite well here. We’re looking forward to having her on the team,” Livingstone said.

Rebecca Duke Wiesenberg can be reached at [email protected]