A romantic comedy – lovers’ only necessity for snacking

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A romantic comedy – lovers’ only necessity for snacking

(When Harry Met Sally/ Facebook)

(When Harry Met Sally/ Facebook)

(When Harry Met Sally/ Facebook)

(When Harry Met Sally/ Facebook)

By Mary Fallon, Collegian Correspondent

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Romantic comedies have become something of a staple in American life. They have dictated the way every young person has perceived courtship and love since they were in adolescence. They perpetuate the idea that love can happen in the most unlikely situations with the one person you never expected you would end up with. They are light hearted, warm, two-hour experiences that leave you feeling better than you did prior to watching them.

Each one of these movies take on the relationships between two characters who are flawed and conveniently clumsy. They make you laugh while simultaneously making you cry – whether you consider yourself a romantic or not.

In order to fully appreciate the magic these films create, one’s movie watching experience has to be matched by the ideal snack.

The right snacks have the ability to better connect you to the characters and plotline while offering a whole new dimension to the immersion of event. Below is a listicle of sorts of popular romantic comedies with some expertly paired snack food and beverage options.


‘When Harry Met Sally:’ Popcorn and Coca-Cola          

This is one of those original films that make people fall in love with romantic comedies. It’s a standard many other films in the genre are held to – fueling the predictable but lovable trope of two unlikely counterparts and friends falling in love.

The consistency of this film requires only the classic snacks: a bucket of popcorn with a serious amount of butter (lack of self-preservation) and a large Coke to wash it all down.


‘The Proposal:’ Chex Mix and Reese’s Cups

Chex Mix is filled with ingredients that you may not put together yourself – but everyone knows they’re a classic fan favorite, much like the dynamic duo that is Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. After formally recognizing both combinations, you can’t deny they’re a force of nature.

The two main characters in this movie may seem like polar opposites but they somehow come together in a unique and indescribable ways.


‘13 Going on 30:’ Razzles and Chocolate Milkshakes

This film captures the nostalgia for a simpler age where perms and blue eyeshadow were still in style. Both Razzles and chocolate milkshakes will allow you to feel like the main character, Jenna Rink, a girl from the 1980s experiencing the modern day for the first time. These snacks encapsulate the feeling of being in the early awkward stages of puberty – giving you a greater appreciation for Jenna’s approach towards life and youthful vibrancy.


‘27 Dresses:’ Cake and Champagne Gummy Bears

27 Dresses revolves around the idea of weddings and what it means to play a role in one. Devouring a piece of your cake and eating champagne gummy bears will make you feel like you are celebrating with each and every one of those brides. You will be able to imagine yourself at one of those weddings, relating to the people making the toasts and enjoying the sugary desserts as if you too are a guest at one of these celebrations.


‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding:’ Pita Chips and Hummus

The obvious reason for this snack selection is that the entire movie is centered around a Greek family who consistently discusses the various most mouthwatering foods they prepare for gatherings. But, pita chips and hummus do a wonderful job representing Toula and Ian ­– a timeless pairing that makes sense. Eating this snack throughout the movie will make you feel like one of the Portokalos and satisfy your inevitable mid-movie cravings.


‘10 Things I Hate About You:’ Pizza and M&Ms

This movie is the epitome of a 90s high school romantic comedy, filled with the popular girl falling for the dorky new kid, the man-hater falling in love with the bad boy, and constant social pressure interfering in both relationships. It has the potential to bring you back to a younger age, where your biggest problem was finding a date for the prom. This sentiment will make you crave the days of feasting on pizza and M&Ms at a sleepover with your best friends. These teenage foods will place you back in the mindset of a 16-year-old just trying to figure it out.

Mary Fallon can be reached at [email protected]