UMass ranked 26th best public university in the U.S.

The class of 2022 is the most accomplished yet


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By Cassie McGrath, Collegian Staff

The University of Massachusetts has been ranked as the 26th best public school in the country according to a Best Colleges 2019 guide published by the U.S. News & World Report.

The report takes into account multiple factors with rankings such as campus safety, cost, financial aid and student life, which measures aspects like diversity and athletics. Different programs that the school offers were also included in the rankings.

In addition to being the 26th best public school in the U.S., UMass also ranked as the 70th best university, including both public and private national universities.

Natalie Nadeau, a sophomore public health major, said she believes the quality of the students are what helped improved the ranking of UMass.

“I would say that it is the quality of students that come to UMass,” Nadeau said. “When I went through the college processes, I got into some very elite, small liberal arts colleges, but because of price, UMass is the better option. And the programs that UMass offered was comparatively just as good.”

Nadeau said the wide variety of majors that UMass offers influenced her decision when choosing where to enroll.

“UMass is a top 10 public health school and it is one of the few schools that even offer public health besides like, Harvard and Yale” Nadeau said.

Lori Weiss-Thole, a 1984 alumna of the University said she has seen a lot of change since her time as a student.

“The two biggest changes since the early 1980s are the phenomenal food in the dining commons now, and the upgraded amenities offered to students today,” she said.

Thole said she believes that UMass’ increased attention to detail has led to the rise in rankings.

UMass was ranked alongside roughly 700 other public schools in the country in the report.

As UMass has improved in U.S. News and World Report rankings, the standard for acceptance has become more competitive. According to the University News and Media Relations, the class of 2022 is the most diverse, accomplished class yet.

The latest incoming class had an average SAT score of 1,294/1,600, an increase from the class of 2009 average SAT score of 1197. The average GPA in 2009 was a 3.66, which has increased to a 3.9 in 2019.

Mikayla White, a sophomore chemical engineering major, said she is happy UMass is becoming more competitive with acceptance. White said she believes attending a public university will benefit students in the long run.

“I just know that my degree gets more valuable as the school climbs in the rankings,” said White.

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