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Ten songs you want to try this summer

Ten darksynth tracks
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Summer is coming and whether it’s for road trips, parties or just your earbuds, that means it’s time for this year’s new playlist. For most people, that playlist will consist of the latest pop songs and that’s fine, but maybe you want to try something different. Maybe you want something with a unique style, something new and underground, something with teeth, something like darksynth. It’s a newer genre, beginning in 2012, that takes inspiration from both electronic and metal music to create a distinctive, melodic and intense sound. I’ve compiled 10 darksynth tracks, each of which were chosen from a variety of arbitrary subcategories (and every song is currently on Spotify).

Standard Lyrical: Neo-Tokyo – Dance With The Dead Remix by Scandroid

Starting off with tracks more akin to popular taste, these songs are a great way to edge into darksynth without going to the extreme. My favorite of which is Dance with the Dead’s Remix of “Neo-Tokyo.” It has clear lyrics, nice electronic melodies and the Dance with the Dead signature drum and electric guitar thrown in. It’s no wonder this track has almost seven million views on YouTube. If you like this song, you should also try “Cheerleader Effect by Carpenter Brut and Kristoffer Rygg or “Aphelion – Battlejuice Remix also by Scandroid.

Unique Lyrical: Deviant by Deadlife

Deviant shows off the beautiful complexity of the darksynth sound. This track is a bit further away from current popular sound, but is definitely worth a listen if you’re interested in a less conventional style. For those who like more distinctive tracks “Dark All Day by Gunship, Tim Cappello and Indiana is a great listen, as well as “Supreme (feat. Hayley Stewart) by Gost.

Party Electro: Sexualizer (feat. Flash Arnold) by Perturbator

“Sexualizer” is a great track for adding vibrancy to a scene. Perturbator were my introduction to darksynth and always been a favorite since the first listen. Just a friendly warning, although the track does not have any lyrics, it should have an explicit label. “Dead of Night by Dance with the Dead is a must if you enjoy this electric energy and so is “Looking for Tracy Tzu by Carpenter Brut.

Emotional Lyrical: Demons (feat. Circe Electro) by Getting Closer

This track has the thematic core of darksynth but it is not what an average viewer will consider darksynth to be. Here, we have slower and more industrial songs. With its hypnotizing vocals and entrancing melodies, “Demons,” despite its obscurity, is a quality track. “B Side (Remix) by Perturbator and Dead Astronauts is another wonderful song in this category as well as “Desire (feat. Greta Link) by Perturbator.

Dark Lyrical: Venger (feat. Greta Link) by Perturbator

A quintessential darksynth track, by a quintessential darksynth artist “Venger (feat. Greta Link)” is one of Perturbator’s most popular tracks, with almost three million listens on Spotify. Likely to be unlike other songs you’ve heard, this track is worth it’s five minutes. Perturbator’s “Sentient,” from the same album as “Venger,” is another popular piece. “Vale of Shadows by Gunship is a recommendation as well.

The Carpenter: Anarchy Road by Carpenter Brut

Deserving of his own category due to his impact on the genre, Carpenter Brut’s “EP Idropped in 2012 marking the dawn of darksynth. “Anarchy Road was released as part of “EP III,” completing Brut’s “Trilogy album and is my favorite Carpenter track to listen to day to day. If you would like something more intense, The Carpenter’s “Roller Mobster,” with over 10 million listens on Spotify makes you wonder how it is that darksynth is still an underground genre. His cover of “Maniac is a fun surprise if you are interested in a new take on an old song.

Intense Synth: Cursed by Gost

An absolute banger, “Cursed has remained my staple workout song for quite some time now. Comically marked as explicit by YouTube, despite the fact that the song’s lyrics consist solely of, “Her name’s Christine,” “Cursed is a must-listen-to track for those interested in a harder, more aggressive sound. “Genesee Avenue also by Gost is another recommended in-your-face synth track. “Acid Spit by Mega Drive deserves a listen as well.

Energizing Synth: Crimson Light by Battlejuice

Even though they are a relatively unknown artist and are quite small, Battlejuice has produced some stellar songs. My favorite of which being “Crimson Light,” thanks to its exhilarating opening. “Serpent Head is another heart-pumping Battlejuice track from the same album. The drums in “Riot by Dance with the Dead are sure to get you moving too.

Melodic Synth: Night Streets Receivers by Fixions

Fixions is currently my favorite artist because they are simply a master of melody. The elegant, but complex composition of “Night Streets Receivers is simply an exemplar piece of the darksynth genre and, in my opinion, of music in general. Do not be dissuaded by its six-minute runtime. This track stays captivating the whole way through. “Third Eye Implantand “We Are Ghouls,” from the same album, at almost half the run length of “Night Streets, are recommended if you are looking for a shorter track.

All-Time Favorite: Black Racers by Fixions

Saving the best for last, “Black Racers by Fixions became my favorite song of all-time, when I first heard it almost a year ago. I don’t want to spoil this track for those of you that plan to try it out. But, I do recommend that you listen to it on a decent speaker or sound system and not earbuds, at least for the first time. Listen loud too, just be careful of the first 10 seconds. Once you play it, you’ll know why.

Ben Connolly can be reached at [email protected].

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