Wait, I just got here

Stop the presses, I want to get off


Andrew Esten

By Andrew Esten, Comics Editor

Hold on, I’m graduating? Oh well, it was bound to happen eventually. I think I had a great run. Over the course of my college career, I’ve made a name for myself. Actually, a couple of names: Andrew (of course), Wet Noodle Bruce, Boozebag, Sam and a few more unfit for print. I wear these identities with pride; I’ve earned them. I’ve also had exalted honors such as “Most Likely to Insult You on His Page” and “Most Likely to Secretly Live in the Office” bestowed upon me. Again, badges of honor. Knowing my legacy is secured, that comics editors down the road will hear legends of me and listen in awe, fills me with the greatest joy.

Being comics editor at the Massachusetts Daily Collegian has been an experience — writing horoscopes has been a blast, getting to set the ever-fickle crossword, choosing which comics to set upon the masses and using whatever song I had stuck in my head as the quote of the day. It was strange because I never saw anyone reading the comics page in public, so it felt I was simply flinging my jokes and wit straight into the void. I must have some fans, though, because why else would I be kept around? To break up the monotony between arts and sports? Probably.

I should state that I’m about as far from a journalism major as I can get, being a statistics and linguistics major. I am very glad I managed to weasel my way into the paper though, even if I only did it for the crosswords. It’s been inspiring meeting all these amazing coworkers. I’ve even learned some of their names! They’ve been very welcoming and forgiving on most occasions, tolerating my very rare absences and frequent use of weird costumes in the office. All in all, the Collegian as helped me grow as a person, and I’m so proud to leave my legacy on it.

Special thanks to the following, with varying levels of appreciation: Kate Esten, Emily Esten, Rob Rigo, Devyn Giannetti, Hayley Johnson, Randall Munroe, David Fitzgerald, Jack Brady, Shen, Sam the Minuteman, readers like YOU, the whole pit and of course my wonderful successor Marc Capizzi.

Andrew S. Esten was the comics editor of the Collegian and can be reached at [email protected]