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APD Logs: Friday, Oct. 18 – Sunday, Oct. 20

Multiple disturbances reported

The following police logs are from the Amherst Police Department from Friday, Oct. 18, 2019 to Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019.

Friday, Oct. 18, 2019

Community Policing 

11:03 a.m.: Residents at 213 Grantwood Drive were spoken to after some of their vehicles had been identified by neighbors as speeding.


11:21 p.m.: A reporting party at 59 South East St. stated his vehicle’s window was smashed, but he didn’t believe anything was taken. The 2003 Toyota Sienna’s passenger side rear window was smashed and a broken vodka bottle was also on the ground. The van was parked close to the street and it was most likely a random act of vandalism.

Assist Citizen

11:57 a.m.: At Jones Library at 43 Amity St., a reporting party said she saw an involved party who she had a restraining order against. According to the reporting party, the involved party was supposed to leave and wasn’t leaving. There was no restraining order on the record and the involved party explained the terms of his three months of probation were to not harass the reporting party. No order was in place dictating distance or other terms. Both parties agreed there was no harassment ongoing prior to APD arrival and it was a misunderstanding regarding probation terms. Both parties were sent on their separate ways.

3:28 p.m.: An involved party at 111 Main St. called to advise that her phone was moved from her bedroom to the kitchen, her footpads, a crystal bag and a magazine with Prince Harry and Megan Markle on it were stolen and a four-toe separator was replaced with a three-toe separator.


12:15 p.m.: At 49 Berkshire Terrace, a reporting party states there was someone possibly breaking into a house across the street from her. She stated the person took the front door off and she was unable to get in contact with her neighbor. The individual removing the door was a contractor replacing the screen door.

Motor Vehicle Crash

12:22 p.m.: At 650 Main St., a blue 2008 Honda Civic was backing out of a parking space and backed into a gray 2011 BMW 328 which was driving in the parking lot. Small scratches and dents were on both cars, which were operating at a low speed. The damages were under $1,000.

4:22 p.m.: A red 2018 Toyota C-HR was stopped at a yield sign waiting for a break in traffic at 351 Northampton Road in order to enter the westbound lane of Route 9. According to a witness, the operator of a blue 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee behind the Toyota was honking impatiently before crashing into the Toyota’s rear. The Jeep operator stated the Toyota was stopping and going repeatedly. The Toyota sustained damage to the rear bumper, which had an imprint of the Jeep’s license plate. The Jeep only sustained damage to the front license plate. The witness stated she heard the Jeep operator tell the occupants of the Toyota “to go back where they came from,” which appeared to be racial as the occupants were Asian. Information was exchanged and a written warning was issued to the Jeep operator.

6:39 p.m.: At 206 Belchertown Road, a gray 2003 Suzi SV1000 was stopped in traffic waiting to make a left turn into his driveway. The operator of a blue 2015 Hyundai Elantra stated she saw the motorcycle, but did not brake in time and crashed into the rear of the motorcycle. The motorcycle had damage to the left rear exhaust pipe and to the front fairing. The sedan sustained damage to the front bumper. There were no injuries.

9:29 p.m.: At Puffton Village Apt. 69 at 1040 North Pleasant St., a gray 2012 Subaru Forest and a black 2011 Chevrolet Cruze were involved in a crash.

Disabled Motor Vehicle 

2:20 p.m.: A white 1999 Ford Escort was having engine trouble in the middle of traffic near 351 Northampton Road. The vehicle was moved from the intersection onto Snell Street where it was parked off to the side. AAA was called and the car was able to turn on for heat.

7:22 p.m.: At 486 North Pleasant St., a white Hyundai Elantra was removed by Ernie’s Towing.


3:46 p.m.: A reporting party at 145 University Drive stated there was a female party, possibly intoxicated, yelling and screaming at customers in the lobby and causing a scene. The involved party was described as a white female with gray hair wearing a maroon coat and black pants and carrying a green bag. The staff advised the involved party was known to APD and she left prior to APD arrival and could not be located.

Recovered Property 

4:28 p.m.: A pedestrian located a West Virginia license on the roadway and dropped it off at APD, where it was entered into property.

Suspicious Motor Vehicle 

5:03 p.m.: A reporting party stated a black 1994 Chevrolet Geo Prizm which had frequently been in the neighborhood pulled into her driveway at 94 North Prospect St. and the operator was urinating on the dumpster. From the description provided, it appeared the individual also had his two daughters in the vehicle on this day. The reporting party was advised to contact the landlord and request a camera be placed pointing at the dumpster and to call the APD when she sees the vehicle in order for the issue to be addressed.

Motor Vehicle Stop 

5:19 p.m.: The operator of a gray 2012 Chevrolet Malibu was issued a verbal warning for speeding at 50 miles per hour in a posted 35 miles per hour zone.

911 Hang up 

11:08 p.m.: An individual at 266 East Hadley Rd. stated her son was playing with her cellphone when he accidentally called 911 and hung up.

Saturday, Oct. 19, 2019

911 Hang Up

12:03 a.m.: A party at 42 Shumway St. called 911. Upon call back, the caller stated he was at 234 Montague Road, Apt. 14. Upon arrival, a college party was going. An officer spoke to the resident and advised him to check if someone may have dialed 911.

5:50 a.m.: A 911 hang up was reported from 24 McClellan St., Apt. B. Upon arrival, the involved party was visible inside the residence eating food at her kitchen table. She refused to come to the door and did not want to talk to officers. This was the second call from the party within 24 hours. She did not appear in any distress.

Motor Vehicle Stop

12:30 a.m.: A white 2015 Subaru Impreza was issued a verbal warning on North Pleasant St.

1:48 a.m.: A brown 2015 Honda CR-V was stopped on North Pleasant St. for running a red light. A verbal warning was issued.

9:43 p.m.: At 1001 North Pleasant St., the operator of a gray 2012 Nissan Altima was issued a verbal warning for a headlight violation.


1:07 a.m.: Two intoxicated males were observed stumbling around and shoving each other into the road at McMurphy’s Uptown Tavern, 37 North Pleasant St. with “heavy vehicular traffic.” Their actions caused the crowd on the sidewalk to react by cheering and shouting. Both parties were placed under arrest for disorderly conduct.

5:44 p.m.: At the Boltwood Lot at 1 Main St., a reporting party stated she was in an altercation with an involved party over a parking spot and the other person was being aggressive with her. The reporting party, a female, stood in the spot to save it for her mother who was turning around. A male party approached in a vehicle and revved his engine approximately six inches from her and told her it was his spot and she needed to move. She felt unsafe and wished it would be documented as she felt he might behave that way again. The female was advised he was identified and it would be documented. The male was argumentative with police, but finally conceded that what he did was unreasonable and unsafe and he could be arrested for the offense. No charges were issued at this time.

6:55 p.m.: A reporting party at 63 South Pleasant St. stated there was a man and a woman arguing loudly by the bus stop. Both individuals were white and the woman had dark black hair that was shaved on one side and long on the other side and the male was wearing a baseball cap. APD found it was a husband and wife arguing over family drama due to children and fall family weekend stress. Nothing was physical, although all parties were visibly agitated, but advised they would be headed over to dinner to salvage the weekend.

9:50 p.m.: At Stackers at 57 North Pleasant St., a reporting party stated the involved party was slamming his suitcase up against the side of the building. The reporting party stated his staff was too afraid to approach. APD arrived on the scene and found an individual banging a stool against the railing. He was irate over his removal in a previous trespassing incident and threatened to kill officers, but was moved along.


1:16 a.m.: Two parties were observed urinating on the flowers outside Club Lit, 41 Boltwood Walk. Verbal warnings were issued and the parties were advised to find proper restrooms.

1:51 p.m.: A reporting party found the keys to a black 2015 Toyota Sienna and put the keys on the dash in the parked car near 1501 West St. He noticed there was a purse and phone in the vehicle and informed APD who made sure the keys were secured in the van.


1:47 a.m.: An involved party at Antonio’s Pizzeria at 31 North Pleasant St. handed his phone to an unknown party so that the two could become friends on Instagram. The unknown party instead transferred himself $500 on Venmo. The party was advised to contact his bank to stop the transaction. An investigation will be conducted.

Motor Vehicle Crash

2:00 a.m.: The operator of a white 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee stated that he had hit a curb on Belchertown Road and his vehicle is now disabled. On scene, the officer observed the driver exit the disabled vehicle and observed slurred speech and bloodshot, glassy eyes. Field sobriety tests were administered and a Breathalyzer test was refused. The operator was placed under arrest for operating under the influence. The vehicle was towed by Ernie’s and they were advised of the 12-hour hold.

2:00 p.m.: At 163 Sunderland Road, a brown 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan struck a parked black 2012 Toyota Tacoma when attempting to park. The Toyota suffered a dent to the rear quarter panel on bed and some paint transferred. The Dodge suffered denting and cracking to the front bumper.

2:16 p.m.: At 1039 North Pleasant St., a reporting party stated a white 2013 Toyota Rav 4 was struck and the other vehicle, a white Cadillac sedan without a plate, fled the scene. They stated the vehicle should have significant damage on the driver’s side rear damage.

8:38 p.m.: At 11 East Pleasant St., the operator of a White 2015 GMC Sierra returned to her car and found a note on her windshield reading, “someone hit your truck and left…I think Toyota Camry – black” and listing a New Hampshire license plate number. Damage to the truck was extremely minor, with small scratches to the rear bumper on the passenger’s side and a scuff to the tail light. Damage to the offending vehicle would have been a broken head or tail light as plastic pieces were observed on the bumper of the truck. The note’s description does match a listed vehicle, but it was unknown if the note was correct or if the offender was the note writer blaming another. Dispatch contacted UMass to see if the registered operator was a student, but there was no affiliation with the operator or the vehicle. The registration of the suspected vehicle’s registration was also expired.

Assist Other PD

1:52 a.m.: A gray 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 was listed as being involved in an accident in Shutesbury by Massachusetts State Police. No one was around the vehicle. A well-being check was requested for the registered operator. At the operator’s residence, the operator’s mother attempted to wake her son and said he was fast asleep. The party took about 10 minutes to make his way downstairs. He was talking normally and no presence of alcohol was detected. The party advised that he had struck a deer and did not call anyone because he did not have cell service at the time. He walked home and told his mother, who also did not alert authorities. The party had a previous OUI. On scene, the officer asked if the party’s story was accurate. Dispatch advised they did not know what the operator had hit, but there was airbag deployment. The party’s arms were red. He was offered medical attention, but he declined. The officer was later advised by dispatch that the state found the driver had struck a pole and there were beers in the vehicle. State police will follow up. The involved party had apparently walked home quite a ways, but was unsure how long he was walking for. The cold temperatures could have assisted in sobering the party.


2:16 a.m.: A reporting party at 406 North Pleasant St. reported two males “fighting or goofing around” in the area. Parties were gone upon arrival. The officer spoke to several people in the area, as well as UMPD who were close by on a call. No one had observed anyone fighting.

Noise Complaint 

2:23 a.m.: There was a complaint of a loud party with yelling and music at Rolling Green Apartments at 422 Belchertown Road, Apt. 89. The reporting party asked that the officers do not come to her residence as she was trying to get back to sleep. There was no noise upon arrival. The resident was contacted and advised of the complaint. He was very cooperative and stated that prior to the officer’s arrival, he and three friends were listening to music and playing cards. The party was informed of the town by-laws, but no action was taken.

3:34 a.m.: A reporting party called about a loud conversation at 16 Brandywine Drive, Apt. 12C. Four persons were discussing a sore subject, two of which had gone into the hallway. All parties were fine and were advised to have the conversation at a later time or in a different area.

4:44 p.m.: A reporting party near Alpha Sigma Phi at 374 North Pleasant St. stated there was loud music coming from the area. Approximately 40 to 50 people were outside enjoying the nice weather and it was not unreasonable to have a gathering at that time of day. Residents were respectful and agreed to turn the music off for the night. Residents were again told the town bylaws and were advised a second call would most likely have a different response. A verbal warning was issued.

6:22 p.m.: At 60 Railroad St., loud music and people walking through neighboring yards were reported. Guests were in and out of the apartment and residents were cooperative in clearing out guests. Two male guests were confrontational with officers. Town bylaws were explained as well as the party smart registration program. A verbal warning was issued.

11:31 p.m.: At 260 Grantwood Drive, yelling and screaming was reported from a party believed to be in the area. On APD arrival, all party goers scurried inside, closed and locked the doors, turned off all the lights and then did not come to the door. A few people stuck outside were able to get a resident who was less than cooperative and took several asks to be able to remove all persons. Approximately 30 people were inside. After the first six left, she claimed they were all out and then had to be told again to remove them. The resident was told another call and violation of town bylaws would result in her leaving under arrest. A verbal warning was issued.

Recovered Property

8:14 a.m.: A bed-ridden reporting party advised that her caregiver had located a wallet belonging to a UMass student. The party wanted an officer to retrieve the wallet before her caregiver had to leave. The brown money clip with card holders was found on McClellan St., Old North Pleasant St. The holder did not have cash, but did have a UMass ID, a Massachusetts license, bank cards, and photographs. UMPD provided one contact number for the person. APD called, but the person did not answer and did not have a voice mailbox set up. The wallet was dropped off at UMPD so it could be returned.

Community Policing

9:45 a.m.: APD assisted UMPD with the Touch a Truck and Amazing Race events.

Missing Property

9:54 a.m.: A party called to report his Apple earbuds stolen from 893 West St. They were last seen on Hampshire College property. The party thought they were stolen as he tracked them to an address he thought he had not been to. The earbuds were tracked to a Hampshire College location. Hampshire College was contacted to follow up.


1:40 p.m.: A reporting party stated that there were wires down in the area of 148 East Pleasant St. on the sidewalk.

5:21 p.m.: A reporting party stated there were cars parked in her spots number 927 and 928 at the parking garage at 51 Boltwood Walk.

7:20 p.m.: At 33 Kendrick Place, a reporting party stated there were cars parked all along both sides of the road and it was difficult to drive through. The owner of a black 2015 Chevrolet Malibu was asked to move their vehicle, as it was the only vehicle on the west side of the street causing vehicles, including the police cruiser, to be unable to pass. The resident of 27 Kendrick Place said they would look into contacting the town for signage only being able to park on one side of the street as this has often been a problem.


3:25 p.m.: A reporting party at 15 Hazel Ave. stated that sometime between 4 p.m. on Friday and 8 a.m. on Saturday, her vehicle was keyed while parked overnight in a shared lot. A key mark was on the trunk of the car and no leads were found at the time.

911 Hang Up

5:31 p.m.: At 71 Sand Hill, an accidental activation of a lifeline-type device resulted in a 911 hang up.

Motor Vehicle Complaint 

7:27 p.m.: At 659 South East St., a gray 2014 Toyota Tundra was reported passing somebody illegally on the double yellow lines. An area search was negative.

Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019 

Assist Citizen 

12:34 a.m.: A reporting party, “JM,” arrived home at 81 Belchertown Road, Colonial Village Apt. 67, and discovered his 18-year-old daughter, “SM,” was not home. He called her and discovered she was at a friend’s home in South Amherst and was refusing to return. JM stated he was aware SM is legally an adult and wanted to know if he could be held accountable for SM’s actions if she was legally an adult and wouldn’t listen to him. He also questioned if he was responsible to make sure SM came to a scheduled APD interview the next week.

Noise Complaint 

12:34 a.m.: At 166 College Street, a loud party with intermittent music was reported and found to be registered. The station officer attempted to call the party registrant, but the phone went straight to voicemail twice. Officers on the scene found loud music and voices coming from the location. The residents took several orders until they kicked out all partygoers. Residents were advised that dispatch had contacted the registrant twice and the call had gone straight to voicemail, cancelling their warning. When asked to turn the music off, residents did not do it right away. Residents continued to talk over an officer who was trying to tell them what to do and ask for IDs. The residents continued to repeat “it’s registered, just check” after officer repeatedly explained the circumstances. They were all advised of town bylaws and were told they would be getting paperwork in the mail. All four residents were summoned for violation of noise and nuisance bylaws: a 21-year-old Scituate woman, a 20-year-old Leominster woman, a 20-year-old woman from Bridgewater and a 21-year-old woman from Cary, North Carolina.

Assist Citizen

12:34 a.m.: A reporting party at The Spoke at 35 East Pleasant St. stated his vehicle, a gray 2013 Ram 1500 may have been stolen. The motor vehicle was located at the CVS on North Pleasant St. and the involved party advised one of his friends may have moved the truck.


1:06 a.m.: An involved party at 388 North Pleasant St. exited and Uber and, not having a crosswalk, decided to stop motor vehicles in the roadway by yelling and putting two middle fingers in the air. The 21-year-old male continued to stand in the roadway, blocking traffic. Approximately four different cars were affected by this and were honking. An officer was waiting to turn into the road and could not. The officer exited the cruiser and arrested the man for disorderly conduct.

1:11 a.m.: At 51 East Pleasant St., an observed group of males were arguing with some members being held back by other members of the group. It appeared they were going to begin fighting. The group was advised to separate and complied.

6:25 p.m.: At Not Bread Alone Soup Kitchen at 165 Main St., callers reported a female party being violent and out of control. She was trying to strike others in the dining area of the location, but the reporting party did not believe she had any weapons although she did have something in one of her hands. The involved party and her belongings were removed and an officer brought her home.

7:01 p.m.: A reporting party at Pasta E Basta at 26 Main St. stated there was an irate female party screaming Asian slurs at Asian people and she was out of control and yelling in general. The involved party was described as a white female wearing a blue jacket, scarf and grey pants. She told APD she was upset that no one was assisting her getting the bus driver’s attention when she was banging on the window trying to board the bus. She was advised of the complaint and peace was restored.

Motor Vehicle Stop

1:15 a.m.: A blue 2008 Honda Civic was issued a verbal warning at 141 North Pleasant St.

2:32 p.m.: A gray 2009 Mercury Marine was stopped for a red light violation at 72 Pine St. The operator was issued a verbal warning.


1:25 a.m.: At 57 East Pleasant St., a heavily intoxicated man was observed with blood on his hands and mouth. He stated he was visiting from Boston and staying at Kendrick Place. He stated he was waiting for the elevator and when the doors opened and a male punched him in the mouth. He identified the male as part of a group of University of Massachusetts football players. The individual received medical attention for a laceration on his upper lip, but declined transport and said he would head to Cooley Dickinson Hospital on his own accord. The involved suspects were gone on arrival.

1:38 a.m.: A male on the ground near Stackers at 57 North Pleasant St. was conscious and alert when APD arrived on the scene. Multiple witnesses provided a description of what occurred and descriptions of the suspect. The man’s friend stated they were walking northbound when they were approached by four to five individuals. Two of the individuals were known to the involved parties. Words were exchanged between both sides in regards to getting pizza. The friend continued walking with the man lagging back behind him. The man was then jumped and hit to the point where he was unconscious for a very brief moment. Suspects were gone on arrival and a search for a described suspect, a white male wearing a black shirt and white jeans headed southbound, was unsuccessful.


1:35 a.m.: At 111 Fearing St., a reporting party stated he was following a group of five people who took a street sign. The parties did not have a sign in their possession, but denied any knowledge of vandalism. The speed bump sign was missing, the video was dark and does not show the sign being removed. No identification could be made and the department of public works was notified of the removed sign.

Motor Vehicle Crash

2:02 a.m.: An accident involving three cars was reported at 1040 North Pleasant St., but all cars were gone on arrival. The only vehicles on scene were Uber drivers waiting to pick up patrons.

1:25 p.m.: A reporting party came into the station to report an incident that occurred on Oct. 18. A blue 2007 Subaru Legacy was stopped on the intersection lights on South Pleasant St. at Main St. and was heading northbound. A red 2019 Toyota Corolla then collided with the Subaru’s rear end. Both operators exchanged information and did not notice any significant damage. The reporting party stated she needed the incident documented for insurance purposes.

7:18 p.m.: A reporting party’s gray 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee had a broken driver’s side tail light and a cracked bumper. There was a gathering at the neighbors on Friday night and early Saturday morning at 310 Belchertown Rd., but the neighbors did not know who may have hit her vehicle. The reporting party wanted the damage on the record and already had a replacement tail light to be put in.

Assist Other Police Department

4:49 a.m.: Shrewsbury Police Department contacted APD after a male party texted his ex-girlfriend stating he wanted to end his life and his phone pinged near 438 East Pleasant St. earlier in the morning. The UMPD did another ping and the phone was off and indicated the individual was not a student. There was no known vehicle and an area search came up negative.


7:52 a.m.: A reporting party at 175 Chestnut St. states when she was leaving that for a sports tournament at 7:30 a.m., she found a male party had been sleeping in her roommate’s vehicle. The individual, an Asian male, approached her with a blanket, no pants and a black shirt and stated, “I’m Alex.” According to the reporting party, he seemed confused and possibly intoxicated and left the area heading toward East Pleasant St. One roommate explained she heard doors banging and a car horn at approximately 5:30 a.m. Nothing appeared missing or damaged in the vehicle and the owner stated it was unlocked, allowing the male party to gain access. It appeared he was looking for a warm place to shelter for a short period of time.

11:29 a.m.: An individual wanted to report that an older white male party followed her friends home to their Puffton Village Apartment at 1040 North Pleasant St. at approximately 8 p.m. on Saturday night. The male party did not engage the female parties in conversation and the involved female parties did not report the incident.

11:16 p.m.: At 22 Lessey St., a reporting party stated there was a lot of noise coming from the stairwell. She was unsure of what was going on and requested that officers not come to her apartment because she was in bed and would have to get into her wheelchair. APD checked both stairwells and found no noise.

11:32 p.m.: A reporting party at 81 Belchertown Rd. stated there was a group of individuals outside his apartment. He requested officers because he did not believe they resided in the complex and they might have been homeless. The reporting party added there was no disturbance, but the group was possibly drinking alcohol. The involved parties were found eating at a picnic table outside of the listed location.

Missing Property 

8:52 a.m.: A reporting party stated her wallet went missing on Saturday while she was at the Jones Library at 43 Amity St. between 5 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. She wasn’t sure if someone took it by accident.


9:35 a.m.: A reporting party stated his neighbor had parked blocking his driveway at 22 Edgehill Place. Once on scene, APD did not observe any obstruction and noted the vehicle may have left before arrival.

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