APD Logs: Friday, Sept. 27 – Sunday, Sept. 29

Multiple arrests over noise complaints


(Maxwell Zaleski/Daily Collegian)

By Kathrine Esten and Ana Pietrewicz , Collegian Staff

The following police logs are from the Amherst Police Department from Friday, Sept. 27, 2019 to Sunday, Sept. 29, 2019.


Friday, Sept. 27, 2019


Recovered Property


8:24 a.m.: A wallet belonging to the involved party was turned into the station officer. The wallet was returned to the owner.


6:46 p.m.: In the CVS lot at 30 North Prospect St., a wallet was found containing a Massachusetts driver’s license, a UMass student ID, a Bank of America debit card, a AAA card, a Harvard Pilgrim health insurance card, a Target gift card, a Citizens Bank debit card, a Venmo debit card, a Discover card and $193 in cash. The involved party later picked up the wallet from the police station.


Community Policing


11:11 a.m.: A climate change protest of 13 to 14 people marched toward the University of Massachusetts from the Triangle St. rotary.


7:19 p.m.: Officers assisted at the Amherst Regional High School Homecoming Football game at 21 Mattoon St.


Assist Amherst Fire Department


1:36 p.m.: A fire alarm sounded at Common School at 521 South Pleasant St. No fire was present and it seemed to be an ongoing issue with the panel.




2:36 p.m.: A reporting party called about someone possible taking a package that may have been delivered to his residence or a possible internet scam. He ordered a bed on Amazon that UPS delivered on Sept. 19, but the bed is missing. The reporting party wanted to file a police report to be reimbursed for the bed by Amazon.


3:44 p.m.: An employee at the CVS at 76 North Pleasant St. wanted an officer to view footage of two parties stealing her wallet approximately half an hour earlier. Two teenagers picked up the wallet after she dropped it and walked out the back door. One juvenile was located and identified. The second juvenile who was captured on video taking the wallet was identified by staff at Amherst Regional High School staff via a photograph at the high school football game.


Assist Citizen


2:46 p.m.: On 21 Mattoon St., the owner of a black 2018 Toyota Corolla reported his vehicle would be parked in the side lot of the high school near the track overnight, to be picked up tomorrow.


9:46 p.m.: A reporting party stated his bike was stolen earlier in the week and he thought he had found his bike on Craigslist. The party went to the listed location and believed it was his bike. The other involved party stated he purchased the bike and had a receipt for it. The Craigslist post was made on the same day the bike was reported stolen. The poster had a purchase receipt and an instruction manual and was able to give the serial number. The reporting party was informed the poster had all the proof that he bought the bike.


Motor Vehicle Crash


3:32 p.m.: A reporting party at 497 East Pleasant St. called for their neighbor, who doesn’t speak English, to document a past motor vehicle crash which occurred two weeks ago. The party was attempting to fill out insurance paperwork. Once on the scene, an officer learned both parties agreed to resolve the damages on their own accord and requested to issue the motor vehicle exchange form. A green 2002 Ford Windstar was parked in the parking lot with the front facing the apartment buildings. A black 2009 Nissan Cube attempted to park to the right of the Ford but collided with its right rear bumper. The collision occurred in a private driveway, and minor damage occurred to both vehicles, estimated to be under $1,000. A motor vehicle exchange form was issued to both parties.


4:13 p.m.: A motor vehicle crash which had occurred earlier in the day at 28 Amity St. was reported. Information had been exchanged and the reporting party had damage to her car. The other motor vehicle operator did not believe she had caused it, while the reporting party thought she did and wanted an officer to view the damage and document. The damage was to the center rear bumper and the reporting party was unsure if the damage was done by the other vehicle or if she hadn’t noticed it before. The reporting party will handle the issue with the other operator if necessary.


5:00 p.m.: At 86 East Leverett Rd., a reporting party wished to report a past motor vehicle crash which occurred in his driveway on Sept. 10 with damage to his car. The reporting party claimed the offending motor vehicle was uninsured and had illegally attached plates. The reporting party’s vehicle, a black 2012 Chrysler 300C was parked in the corner of the driveway with the front facing the roadway. A red 2010 Toyota Corolla backed out of her parking spot and collided with the Chrysler’s right front bumper. The operator of the Corolla stated she backed out of her spot and began to change gears from reverse into drive when she felt her vehicle roll backward into the Chrysler. Both vehicles sustained minor damage estimated to cost less than $1,000 to repair. A motor vehicle crash exchange form was issued to both parties.




4:02 p.m.: A reporting party stated there was a silver compact car parked in the travel and bike lane at 227 East Pleasant St.


4:48 p.m.: At 1 Main St., a reporting party stated that “sign guy” was standing in traffic near the intersection. The involved party was observed crossing the intersection with a double-sided sign that read “Bring back the b—- slap” and “Elizabeth Warren is a t—.”


5:05 p.m.: A reporting party stated there was a large maroon dump truck that had something falling out of the back of it. He stated it looked like a lot of marble-sized plastic. No dump truck was found in the area and nothing was spilled on the road.


6:28 p.m.: A reporting party stated an individual was in the intersection at 2 Main St. causing a traffic issue. The involved party was found walking on the sidewalk in front of the Bank of America.


9:02 p.m.: A gray 2006 Nissan Sentra was parked directly in front of the no parking tow zone sign. A citation was issued and the vehicle was towed by Ernie’s Towing.


Assist Business/Agency


4:10 p.m.: At 422 Belchertown Rd., a juvenile was removed without incident.


7:50 p.m.: A reporting party stated the control panel at the railroad tracks was unlocked and open. New England Railroad was notified and thankful after police officers secured the box, and said they would send out a supervisor to check the contents of the panel.


8:02 p.m.: A reporting party at 712 West St. stated water was bubbling up from the intersection. The Department of Public Works had notified the APD of a water issue on Potwine earlier and it was unknown if the incident was related. Water was slowly draining from the top of the road, not gushing out. The DPW was made aware of the issue.


Animal Complaint


7:33 p.m.: A young black bear was reported in the roadway near 200 Sunderland Rd. The bear was gone on arrival and was not in the roadway.




7:38 p.m.: A reporting party stated there were two males in a fist fight and a male was kicked in the head near the Subway at 4 Main St. An area search was negative and a possible witness advised officers that it was two kids shadow boxing or “sparring” and not actually fighting.


11:48 p.m.: A fight broke out near the Spoke at 35 East Pleasant St. in the back parking lot. A female was punched in the face and suffered facial fractures and a head injury. Other callers reported multiple college-aged males fighting. Two parties advised that a male in a pink shirt had run from the scene south toward Halcourt gardens, but had new information that the involved party turned and doubled back behind the Pioneer Driving School. K9 Marvin was brought in and the suspect was located hiding under a car. He matched the description and was covered in blood. He was placed under arrest after being ordered from under the car. The male and female were not known to one another, and the male, 21, was arrested for disorderly conduct, assault and battery and serious bodily injury.


Motor Vehicle Stop


8:12 p.m.: A black 2012 Ford Escape was stopped for turning right onto North Pleasant St. from the left turn only lane on Main St. A verbal warning was issued.


9:31 p.m.: A gray 2010 Mazda 5 was issued a verbal warning for taking a left turn onto N. Pleasant St. from the center lane and cutting off a PVTA bus that was in the correct left turn lane.


9:43 p.m.: A blue 2012 Ford Focus was stopped for going 50 miles per hour near in a 40. A verbal warning was issued.


10:42 p.m.: A black 2015 Toyota Camry was stopped on North Pleasant St. after a female passenger in the rear seat was observed laying on three other passengers without seatbelt. A verbal warning was issued for too many passengers and not enough seat belts.


11:03 p.m.: At 150 College St., a gray 2019 Chevrolet Cruze was stopped for obstructing traffic as it dropped off six passengers, four of whom exited the rear passenger side door. The operator was advised that she had too many passengers and not enough seat belts.




8:17 p.m.: A metal pole at 1 Main St. in the Boltwood lot was on the side of the crosswalk across from Bueno y Sano. It was unclear if it was vandalized or if a vehicle struck it. There was no camera footage of the event.


Suspicious Motor Vehicle


8:34 p.m.: Two males were standing by a gray 2006 Honda Civic and a go-kart. The parties were advised of the traffic laws and they stated they could push the go-kart back to Mill Lane. The operator of the vehicle had a suspended license and he was advised of the issue.


Noise Complaint


9:31 p.m.: A loud party was reported at 55 South Prospect St. Upon arrival, there was a group of individuals on the porch playing drinking games and blasting music from a speaker. The residents were advised to end the party and send their guests home. Many of the people leaving the house had to be stopped and warned as they left the party with open containers of alcohol. The residents advised there was a miscommunication as Kamis security had told them the noise town bylaws did not take effect until 10 p.m. and they could party until then. Officers spoke with Kamis Security in the area who advised this was not true and they had told the residents multiple times to quiet down and each time they had been uncooperative. All five residents were arrested for violation of noise bylaws.


9:41 p.m.: The guests from Apt. 2 at 55 South Prospect St. walked down to the deck of Apt. 3. Those party goers were moved along by the APD as the residents continued to drink. The residents of Apt. 3 were ID’d and advised of the noise town bylaws. They stated they were not responsible for the people gathered around the deck and were advised that any effort to keep the unwanted guests away would be beneficial.


10:20 p.m.: The reporting party stated there was loud music coming from the apartment below hers at 81 Belchertown Rd. One party was playing video games and listening to music. The music was turned off and the individual was very cooperative.


10:49 p.m.: At the Spoke at 35 East Pleasant St., loud bass was reported. The noise was determined not to be unreasonable and the bar had no more noise than any other business in the busy center on a Friday night. Staff was advised of the complaint and advised they would be shutting it off in an hour or so.


11:40 p.m.: A loud party was reported at 16 Brandywine Drive. The resident was cooperative and music was turned off. A verbal warning was issued.


11:45 p.m.: Loud music was reported from the Alpha Sigma Phi at 374 North Pleasant St. It was a registered party with loud music and lights on arrival. A verbal warning was issued and music was turned off.


Motor Vehicle Complaint


9:42 p.m.: A reporting party stated there were three motorcyclists driving toward the center of Amherst last seen on North Pleasant St. driving erratically and doing wheelies. UMPD advised there was one motorcycle stopped by the Mercy House and four total revving their engines and some doing wheelies. Other motorcycles were gone on arrival.




10:25 p.m.: Staff at the High Horse at 24 Pleasant St. requested assistance with a male party supposedly trespassing from the restaurant, hanging around outside. The involved party was a white male with curly hair, a white t-shirt and carrying a backpack. He was known to staff and is underage. He allegedly goes into the bar and causes issues, giving the staff a hard time and refuses to leave. He was removed again and served in hand by the manager.


Liquor Law Violation


10:34 p.m.: At 290 Lincoln Ave., a 20-year-old female from Ipswich was issued a summons for carrying an open hard seltzer can and being a minor in possession.




10:52 p.m.: An officer was advised of kids messing around with excavation vehicles at 140 South East St. The involved parties were taking photos with the machinery and some alcohol was located and destroyed at the scene. There was no damage observed to the machine and three of the individuals were identified to be underage. The individuals were cooperative and understood the consequences for their actions. A verbal warning was issued.


3:45 p.m.: A party was reported “banging and yelling” upstairs and Mill Hollow Apartments, 149 Summer St. Police spoke with the involved party at length. She had previously reported neighbors stealing things. She will be reaching out to service net for services in removing items from her home.


Saturday, Sept. 28, 2019




12:26 a.m.: Police were called to check on an individual who was harassing people at The Spoke, 35 East Pleasant St. The involved party was sent on his way.


1:23 a.m.: A reporting party stated they could hear “bubbling water” running inside the bathrooms near the baseball field at 21 Matoon St. Upon arrival, the water was found to be coming from a running bubbler. The DPW was contacted in the morning to resolve the issue.


10:54 a.m.: Valley Bike Share contacted APD and advised that one of their bikes was abandoned across the street from 911 North Pleasant St. The operator said a driver would retrieve it later that day.


1:44 p.m.: A party was “about to urinate” behind a mailbox on Amity St. He was advised to “make a wise decision” and was sent on his way.


3:39 p.m.: A reporting party stated a suspicious party was pacing around South Congregational Church at 1066 Southeast St. The party was wearing a black hoodie and “white or cream shorts.” The party was gone upon arrival.


7:00 p.m.: A reporting party stated he thought he saw a drug deal in front of Amherst Center Market at 259 Triangle St. The deal involved two Black males and a teenager. One of the males was wearing a light colored t-shirt and a baseball hat and the other was wearing a black t-shirt and a baseball hat. A store employee also called about the two Black males panhandling outside the store. An investigation revealed that the two involved parties were panhandling and the teenager offered them money to buy cigarettes, but they declined. The male parties were served in hand with trespassing papers.


10:59 p.m.: A party reported that a white male with blonde in his 20s wearing a button-up shirt and tan short. Upon arrival, the party was standing at the bus stop and waved the officer down. He was intoxicated and said he was looking for “deals with distressed houses.” The party advised that he was not and would not be jumping into traffic. The party was observed with two UMPD officers immediately following the incident and the UMPD officers reported that the party was in their custody because they had observed him jumping into traffic prior to APD’s arrival.


Assist Citizen


12:50 a.m.: A party called because he needed assistance retrieving his I.D. from Stackers Pub at 57 North Pleasant St.


7:02 p.m.: An involved party in the lobby of a Puffton Village building at 1040 North Pleasant St. was looking for options in dealing with a previous acquaintance she no longer wished to have contact with.


8:04 p.m.: A reporting party on Longmeadow Dr. stated he believed someone tried to steal his truck based on the steering wheel being locked up. He also stated that he believed someone tried to steal his camper. Both vehicles were still there, as well as the keys.




12:50 a.m.: A fight was reported at 350 Main St. Parties were gone upon arrival. An area search yielded no results.


12:57 a.m.:  There was a report of a possible fight at The Spoke. Officers spoke with a group of males who stated that they were friends who were “just horsing around”. The parties were sent on their way.


1:28 a.m.: A fight broke out between two males at 37 North Pleasant St. outside McMurphy’s. Both involved parties were placed under arrest for disorderly conduct.


Assist Motorist


1:04 a.m.: A reporting party was driving for Lyft and had a group of males run in front of his car outside The Spoke. The reporting party was forced to stop and the males yelled obscenities at him. The party wished to report the incident in case he had any issues with Lyft. He emailed dashboard camera footage to APD for further review.


Liquor Law Violation


1:12 a.m.: Involved party was issued a verbal warning for an open Bud Light bottle outside Stackers Pub at 57 North Pleasant St.


11:19 p.m.: An individual was carrying an open can of Miller Lite at 31 Phillips St. Contents were destroyed on scene and the individual was issued a verbal warning for violation of open container bylaws.


11:29 p.m.: An individual was observed carrying a water bottle of orange juice with no label near 11 Phillips St. Upon seeing an officer, the individual shielded it. When confronted, they advised there was also vodka mixed in. The contents were destroyed on the scene and a verbal warning was issued for violation of town bylaws and being a minor in possession.


Stolen Motor Vehicle


1:16 a.m.: Ernie’s Towing reported that a black 2012 Honda Accord was just stolen out of their parking lot at 40 Montague Rd. The alleged thief was the registered owner, who said that he had made a mistake and returned to Ernie’s to pay. The Ernie’s employee advised that they had called the owner and simply wanted him to pay and wanted the incident to be documented should the owner try this again. The involved party had a slight smell of alcohol on him, but blew zeroes on the Breathalyzer. The party paid his bill and will not be charged, although he was informed that he could be charged with both larceny of a motor vehicle and trespassing. The party understood and was sent on his way.


Noise Complaint


1:25 a.m.: Loud voices were reported from an apartment at Kendrick Place, 57 East Pleasant St. Noise was gone upon arrival.


2:36 a.m.: Loud music and voices were reported at 180 Aubinwood Rd. The noise was gone upon arrival.


1:20 p.m.: Loud music and voices were reported coming from the backyard of 328 Lincoln Ave for “the past three hours.” Over 100 people were found pregaming for the football game. The residents were cooperative and the music was turned off.


4:02 p.m.: Loud music was reported at 20 Kendrick Pl. A loud gathering was observed upon arrival. All parties involved were cooperative and a verbal warning was issued.


4:48 p.m.: Loud voices and music were reported coming from 816 North Pleasant St. A verbal warning was issued for the noise and the town bylaws were explained. Residents requested help in clearing the party and were advised that the next call to the residence would not result in a verbal warning.


7:50 p.m.: Extremely loud music could be heard coming from speakers at 205 Sunset Ave. Only 3 parties were inside the residence and they were advised to shut the music off for the night.




1:34 a.m.: A party “broke the door” at Antonio’s Pizza at 31 North Pleasant St. The party fled and an area search yielded no results.


4:32 p.m.: A party reported that two white males were arguing at 67 Spaulding St. A second 911 caller reported two males screaming at each other at the listed location. Residents of the Spaulding St. address advised a guest was belligerent and threatened them with a knife. The 22-year-old male was arrested and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon.


Assist Business


1:45 a.m.: A gray 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe was repossessed from 485 Pine St. by Recovery Zone.


5:51 a.m.: A gray 2013 Toyota RAV4 was parked in the farmer’s market set up area near Spring St. A parking citation was issued and the vehicle was towed by Ernie’s.


6:21 p.m.: A reporting party at Russell’s Liquors at 18 Main St. stated that he would like to speak to an officer about a 17-year-old Black female who “threatened his life.” The party had the incident on video. The female threatened to kill the reporting party. She returned to the scene and told the officer she was concerned about her boyfriend buying alcohol because he “has a problem” and she became angered at clerks. She asked to speak to the clerks to apologize but they declined. The female was served papers for trespassing.


Motor Vehicle Stop


2:59 a.m.: A gray 2011 Toyota 4Runner was stopped for speeding and swerving through lanes. The operator showed signs of impairment during the stop. The operator refused to perform field sobriety tests and was placed under arrest for operating under the influence. The vehicle was towed by Ernie’s.


11:41 a.m.: A bike patrol officer was attempting to catch up with a yellow 2009 Ford Fusion operating with two flat rear tires. The operator was found to be operating under the influence and was placed under arrest.


4:50 p.m.: A blue 1994 Honda Accord was stopped for driving with expired registration.




9:22 a.m.: A reporting party called about eight cars parked on both sides of the road making it impossible for emergency vehicles to get through. The party further advised that one specific officer was being dispatched to handle her ongoing traffic complaints. The party then stated that there were only six cars remaining but the street had become passable.


11:30 a.m.: A reporting party advised of a tree limb across the guardrail and partially protruding into the road. Proper authorities were contacted and the tree branch was chainsawed.


2:32 p.m.: A party reported four cars parked illegally across from his house on McClellan St.


Animal Complaint


11:02 a.m.: A medium size dark brown dog was located wandering around the apartments at Brandywine. The dog’s tag showed that it lived at 529 Puffton and identified the dog as “Raz”. The owner was called and Raz was returned to its owner in Puffton.


Missing Property


1:32 p.m.: A reporting party stated that she believes she lost her purple double-zipper Coach wallet somewhere in Amherst. The wallet contained cash and the party’s state and UMass I.D.s. The party visited Jones Library, People’s Bank on Amity St. and the Farmer’s Market that day.




7:19 p.m.: The earlier investigation of the two Black males outside Amherst Center Market was found to be a trespass. The parties were served with trespassing papers in hand.



Sunday, Sept. 29, 2019


Noise Complaint


12:05 a.m.: A small gathering was listening to loud music at 948 North Pleasant St. and agreed to turn off the music for the night.


1:16 a.m.: At 55 South Prospect St., loud music and voices were reported. People were outside on the porch consuming alcohol and a citation was issued to the resident for town bylaws once officers realized a warning had been issued the previous night.


1:36 a.m.: Loud yelling at 237 Grantwood Drive was gone when police arrived.


1:40 a.m.: At 263 Grantwood Drive, a gathering appeared to be clearing out after reports of loud yelling. The resident advised the group remaining would be staying in the home for the night and a verbal warning was issued.


1:48 a.m.: At 346 Lincoln Ave., a loud party was reported. The noise consisted of a small gathering of roommates in their backyard. The noise bylaws were explained and a verbal warning was issued to residents.




12:25 a.m.: A reporting party believed an unknown party had entered her apartment at 1039 North Pleasant St. An interior check was negative and the doors were locked for the night.


1:47 a.m.: A reporting party advised of a male and female half-dressed and making out on the porch. The reporting party did not know either person and wanted them removed. The male and female were in front of 11 South Prospect St., fully-clothed. There were no issues.


9:38 a.m.: A reporting party stated a female was standing on the side of the road at 69 South Pleasant St., screaming homophobic slurs and pacing. The caller did not want to provide her information but felt the female was a threat to passersby. The female party was located at a Peter Pan bus stop and advised she was trying to get to Mt. Holyoke College. She was compliant and calm.


11:33 a.m.: A reporting party at 149 Summer St. advised she heard through her walls that someone was planning on shooting “Officer Scarlotti” and had further ramblings that did not make any sense. The involved party was known to have severe mental health issued and refused to answer the door upon officer arrival despite knocking and yelling.


1:02 p.m.: Two reporting parties came into the station to report a suspicious male outside their window at 188 Pine St. the previous two nights. Extra patrols were requested in that area and they said they would call the police if they viewed him again.


Liquor Law Violation


12:39 a.m.: An involved party was observed walking across South Pleasant St. with an open container of Busch Light beer. A summons was issued to the 19-year-old Amherst male for being a minor in possession and violation of open container bylaws.


Motor Vehicle Stop


1:11 a.m.: A verbal warning was issued to the driver of a black 2019 Subaru Impreza for speeding near 1040 North Pleasant St.


1:34 a.m.: A summons was issued to a 20-year-old male for driving an unregistered white 2015 BMW X3. The driver was observed speeding on College St., then had both driver’s side tires cross over the double yellow on Belchertown Rd. Once stopped at 81 Belchertown Rd., the vehicle was towed by Ernie’s Towing.


2:02 a.m.: A red and white 2016 Ducati Monster was stopped for speeding near 600 East Pleasant St. The operator was issued a verbal warning.


2:05 a.m.: At The Spoke at 35 East Pleasant St., a gray 2003 Mini Cooper was stopped for having the passenger side headlight out. The operator was advised of the issue.


2:08 a.m.: A gray 1995 Lexus ES300 was issued a verbal warning at 161 North Pleasant St.


10:42 p.m.: At 19 Northampton Rd., a white Honda Accord was stopped for operating with no headlights. A verbal warning was issued to the driver.




1:58 a.m.: Loud yelling was heard on Amity St. Upon making contact with the involved party, they stated that a couple of guys were drunk and yelling from a car. One of the passengers who was intoxicated got out of the vehicle and pushed the victim. This started a verbal disturbance. The vehicle drove away and the victim was upset that he was pushed by the intoxicated male. All parties involved refused to make a formal complaint. No medical attention was needed.


12:48 p.m.: The reporting party at The Spoke at 35 East Pleasant St. advised he had three males inside his establishment that were refusing to leave. The listed parties were trying to get a cell phone back they had left at the bar the night before. The employee stated the phone was not inside and he wanted them to leave the property because they caused a disturbance the night before. All parties were sent on their way.


Assist Citizen


7:14 a.m.: A reporting party at 1358 South East St. stated there was a male party, possibly in his early 20s, laying on his front yard. He was awake but wouldn’t respond when spoken to. The involved party was identified and came from a party a couple of doors down and was escorted back. A fake ID was seized from the male party and he was transported back to his friend’s house.


12:47 p.m.: A reporting party stated that her daughter was 13 and was having a breakdown of some kind. She was on foot traveling down Rt. 9 toward the Rolling Green where they live. The daughter was described as a white female wearing black leggings and a black t-shirt. She left her brother’s football game and the mother had to follow her home. The mother said she would unlock the door and allow the involved party to stay home until the game was done.


1:41 p.m.: A reporting party at the Jones Library at 43 Amity St. stated they had an elderly gentleman in the library who was very confused and thought he was at the Bangs Center. The man was sitting by himself and doesn’t know where he belonged. He confirmed he lived at The Arbors and was transported back. Staff advised that his daughter had signed him out and said that they were going to the library. No daughter approached officers at the Jones Library and the man seemed to have been left there alone. Dispatch was advised in case the daughter called looking for her father.


4:27 p.m.: A reporting party at 67 Spaulding St. called 911 and the business lines in panic with regards to a threatening text he received and wanted to speak to an officer. The party was advised they would need to go to the courthouse to seek orders against each other as there is no imminent danger to either of them. They agreed to stay elsewhere for the night until they can come up with a permanent solution.


6:48 p.m.: At 82 Tracy Circle, a reporting party stated their daughter left home around 3 p.m. and was refusing to come home. The daughter was a 14-year-old white female with long dark blonde hair with red highlights, blue jean shorts and possible wearing a gray Amherst sweatshirt. She carried an Adidas blue and pink athletic bag and liked to hang out downtown, according to reporting parent. The reporting parent was informed the daughter was at the high school.


Assist Other Police Department


1:57 p.m.: A yellow 2012 Toyota Scion malfunctioned while stopped at a traffic light and would not exit reverse. The operator attempted to move forward but continuously backed into a black 2019 Ford vehicle. The only damage observed was a dented license plate on the Ford. The operators exchanged information and UMPD was notified since it occurred at 405 Amity St. on their property.


Motor Vehicle Crash


3:12 p.m.: A blue 2002 Acura 32TL was turning into the driveway at 36 South East St. when a brown 2004 Jeep Liberty crashed into the rear. No injuries occurred.


Katherine Esten can be reached at [email protected]. Ana Pietrewicz can be reached at [email protected].