Collegian Senior Columns 2019-20

The Collegian seniors reflect on their time with the paper.


Editor in Chief Amin Touri reflects on finding a little bit of hope.

Being sent home from UMass amidst a pandemic has made leaving the Collegian harder, but it’s given News Editor Abigail Charpentier time to reflect on the past three and a half years and appreciate the journey even more.

After four long years, watching the University brought to its knees was the perfect way to go out, writes Sports Editor Tom Haines.

After all is said and done, empowerment and not “civil discourse” is the answer, writes Op/Ed Editor James Mazarakis.

Founding the Daily Collegian Translations Department taught me how change was possible, writes Rebecca Duke Wiesenberg.

 Arts Editor Lauren LaMagna looks back on her time at the Collegian.

 Liam Flaherty reflects on his four years with the Collegian sports section.

Assistant news editor Kathrine Esten learns how to write about herself when there’s nobody left to interview.

Assistant news editor Will Mallas writes to not be hesitant.

Javier Melo reflects on a shorter, but unforgettable journey at the Collegian.

Courtesy of Jennie Moss

The Collegian taught me it’s worth it to grow through discomfort, writes Jennie Moss.