Commemorating Black History

Past, Present and Future

February 28, 2021

The Collegian invites you to read a living compilation commemorating Black History at the University of Massachusetts, from John H. Bracey’s path to UMass, Black Lives Matter, W.E.B. Du Bois, Black student activists, creators and more.

From the News section:

Writers from Nummo News, UMass Amherst Black Alumni Network Facebook page

Radicalizing the classroom: John H. Bracey’s path to UMass – by Tristan Smith, Collegian Contributor

How Black-led student groups are creating and maintaining spaces for long-lasting community – by Sara Abdelouahed and Saliha Bayrak, Collegian Staff

Looking back on the history of Black presence at UMass – by Irina Costache, Assistant News Editor

‘The Pied Piper of Amherst:’ James Baldwin’s years at UMass and the Five Colleges – by Sophia Gardner and Talia Heisey, Collegian Staff

The New Africa House: yesterday, today and tomorrow – by Cassie McGrath, Head News Editor

‘My Blackness Is…’ artists reflect upon the role of art in their lives – by McKenna Premus, Assistant Social Media Editor

Activism meets art: Welcome to The Black Room – by Sara Abdelouahed, Ella Adams and Mahidar Sai Lakkavaram, Collegian Staff

(Rob Rigo/Daily Collegian)

W.E.B. Du Bois Center launches fundraising campaign – by Konah Brownell, Collegian Staff

How the Du Bois papers made it to UMass –  by Ana Pietrewicz, Assistant Op/Ed Editor

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From the Sports section:

(Parker Peters/Daily Collegian)

Desiree Oliver is making her voice heard – by James DiLuca, Collegian Staff

Through his community, his family and his opportunities, Solomon Siskind is becoming the type of socially active leader the world needs – by Dan McGee, Assistant Sports Editor

Speaking for change and justice, Kolton Mitchell is using his social media platform because he doesn’t want to go quiet – by Frederick Hanna III, Collegian Staff

UMass women’s soccer stands strong in support of the Black Lives Matter movement – by Kevin Schuster, Assistant Sports Editor

Student-athletes Desiree Oliver and Solomon Siskind team up for groundbreaking research on the Black student-athlete experience at UMass – Freeman Alfano, Collegian Staff

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From the Opinion and Editorial section:

Black History deserves more than one month – by Jennie Moss, Collegian Columnist

(Andy Castillo/Daily Collegian)

The problem with performative activism – by Olivia dePunte, Collegian Contributor

Recognizing one’s own bias as a person of color – by Kathryn Karam, Collegian Staff

America’s role in vaccine skepticism – by Ruya Hazeyen, Collegian Contributor

America’s history teaches us that we need riots to make progress – by Max Schwartz, Collegian Columnist

Confronting the racism in college rankings – by Max Schwartz, Collegian Columnist

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From the Editorial Board:

A vow to our community to hold ourselves accountable: As journalists, we take facts and interpret them to find their truest meaning. Although pure balance is often preached in journalism school, there are not two equal sides to every story. It is our duty to use our platform in a responsible way that adds to the current conversation rather than detracts from movements demanding progress on human rights like Black Lives Matter.

Editor’s Note: This living document will be updated accordingly as pieces are published. 

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