My time was short, but meaningful

There’s so much hard work put into this paper


Courtesy of Hannah Ellison

By Hannah Ellison, Social Media Editor

I joined the Collegian during the second semester of my senior year at the University of Massachusetts. Although my time here has not been very long, I am in awe, every week, of the hard work each member puts into this newspaper. Coming into this job, I didn’t really know what to expect. Looking back on it now, I am leaving having gained a lot of different skills and new relationships within this community of journalists.

As the head social media editor, I got to read all of the headlines each morning and was kept up to date with the news in that way. I am thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with my wonderful social team on many ideas that you can see in our social media and will see in the future. Despite the fact that I never got to meet many of my colleagues in person I could still feel the warmth they all radiated through our Zoom meetings and I will miss everyone. Thank you, Massachusetts Daily Collegian, for this wonderful experience!

Hannah Ellison can be reached at [email protected].