Graphic by Joey Lorant
Graphic by Joey Lorant

Native American History Month: The Special Issue

A look into Native American heritage on UMass' campus

November 30, 2021

From the News Section: 

Native American and Indigenous creatives describe their experiences at UMass, by Saliha Bayrak, Assistant News Editor

Gloria Chiang / Daily Collegian

Native American Student Association finds support in community, alumni, by Ella Adams, Assistant News Editor

A history of Metawampe’s image on the UMass campus, by Sophia Gardner, News Editor

Land-grant universities: A legacy of Indigenous land dispossession, by Irina Costache, Assistant News Editor

Rachel Beth Sayet: Indigenous educator, essential oil crafter and Reiki practitioner, by Mahidhar Sai Lakkavaram, Assistant Social Media Editor

Erica Lowenkron / Daily Collegian

Sonya Atalay: cultivating partnerships with local Native communities and exploring Indigenous education frameworks, by Olivia Capriotti, Collegian Correspondent

The Josephine White Eagle Cultural Center: UMass’ hub for Native heritage, by Lucas Ruud, Collegian Staff

Five College Native American and Indigenous Studies Program makes numerous changes after $2.5M grant, by Mahidhar Sai Lakkavaram, Assistant Social Media Editor

UMass known by racist mascot for 24 years, by Sara Abdelouahed, Assistant Podcast Producer

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From the Opinion and Editorial Section: 

Collegian Staff Photo

UMass needs a Native American and Indigenous Studies department, by Srija Nagireddy, Assistant Op/Ed Editor

Statues can be reengraved and Metawampe’s probably should be, by Zach Leach, Collegian Columnist

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From the Arts & Culture Section:

10 Native American clothing businesses to support, by Amy Aguayo, Collegian Staff

Photo Courtesy of the Eight Generation Facebook Page @EighthGenerationbyLouieGong

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