Strong female characters in the ‘Star Wars’ universe

Whether part of The Resistance or the First Order, these characters are unapologetically themselves


By Shannon Moore, Staff Writer

Since the beginning of the “Star Wars” universe in the 1970s, the science-fiction saga spanning over several decades has maintained its hold on viewers. Over the years, “Star Wars” has not only reshaped the science fiction genre, but also pop culture itself. While doing so, George Lucas – “Star Wars” creator – has made sure to put strong women at the forefront of his stories, with everything from princesses that can save themselves, Rebellion heroes to some of the most powerful jedi in the galaxy. In honor of Women’s History Month, here’s a few of my personal favorite female characters in the “Star Wars” universe.


Princess/General Leia Organa

It’s simple, without Leia, there would simply be no “Star Wars.” Leia reimagined what it meant to be a princess for generations to come and showed her young audience members that girls didn’t need saving: that they could save themselves. She’s powerful, not only with her words, yet with force, leading the Rebellion with pride and poise – and looking good while doing it. Her iconic hairstyles and outfits are still fan favorites every Halloween. Leia is the heart of “Star Wars,” truly. She set the precedent for years of “Star Wars” women to come.


Assajj Ventress

Trained in the ways of The Sith, Assajj Ventress isn’t a morally good character, but she sure is powerful. Serving as an assassin for Count Dooku during the Clone Wars, Ventress is one of the most ruthless characters our heroes have faced. She’s among the most skilled in battle, and loyal to her cause without fault. Her unwavering loyalty and insane saber skills cement her in “Star Wars” history for sure.



While she isn’t the most loved character in the “Star Wars” fandom, there is no arguing that Rey is an undeniable force within the “Star Wars” world. She’s a survivor, and proof that one can make their own destiny and forge their own path. Trained by Luke Skywalker, she’s not only one of the most powerful Jedi, yet her kindness and consistent compassion make Rey one of my favorites. Her unwavering belief in the goodness in everyone is a key factor in the Rebellion, and in the “Star Wars” franchise in general.


Jyn Erso

While only having appeared in one movie, Jyn Erso’s legacy in the “Star Wars” universe is everlasting. Along with a team of rebels, she steals the plans to the Death Star, eventually leading to the Rebellion’s destruction of the weapon. Erso’s one mission in life is to rebel, to beat the first order that took everything from her. And she does just that. She’s proof that anyone can do anything, and that all you need is perseverance to fight the powers of oppression.


Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka Tano is one of the most beloved characters in the “Star Wars” universe. As Anakin Skywalker’s padawan, Tano proves herself to be one of the smartest and most resourceful Jedi in the galaxy. She thinks quick on her feet, always puts the greater good first and is one of the most skilled individuals with a saber. She’s confident and not afraid to show it, yet at the end of the day, she’d put down her life for the Resistance. Ashoka shows that it’s ok to be confident in yourself and your abilities; you can do whatever you put your mind to.


Cara Dune

A former shock trooper for the Rebel Alliance, Dune is anything but soft. Her hard exterior and battle skills get her through a fight, yet it’s her heart that gets her through life. Having a recurring role in “The Mandalorian,” Dune ensures that Grogu, a fan favorite character, escapes peril without a scratch. Cara’s just an ordinary citizen, and her belief in the Rebellion and the good still left in the world makes her a favorite for years to come.


Padmè Amidala

Being a queen, a mother, a wife and a senator, Padmè represents power and beauty to the utmost extent. She takes on all her roles with pride, putting the people of her planet first every time. Padmè demonstrates that women can be anything they want to be and could be all the things they desire at once. She leads with love and compassion, even if that means risking her own life to save others. Padmè is a pillar of the “Star Wars” universe: without her, we wouldn’t have Luke and Leia. And without them, we wouldn’t have “Star Wars…”


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