SGA holds its second 2023 senate meeting, discusses new endeavors

Senators gave updates of their progress on ongoing projects


Ana Pietrewicz / Daily Collegian

By Abby Joyce, Collegian Correspondent

The University of Massachusetts Student Government Association held its second 2023 senate meeting on Oct. 5. Although this meeting was brief, senators gave updates of their ongoing projects and their progress, as well as their momentum regarding new goals.

The senate discussed the results of the new RSO application process, parking on-campus, the potential of hiring new undersecretaries and the expansion of access to free menstrual products on campus.

Chief of Staff Ibrahim Akar updated the group on his efforts regarding the availability of bikes from ValleyBike Share. He said that phase two of this restoration is being wrapped up.

He described the four-step process and explained that the goal is to find bikes, understand the cost of missing bikes, set up these new bikes and the contracts that go along with them and eventually distribute them.

Secretary of the Registry Zachary Bhattacharjee shared the news that the RSO application process had been completed, a process he described as the “fastest ever.” A record number of 24 new RSOs were added, according to Bhattacharjee.

He described a new preliminary process that, “worked hand in hand with these groups.” He detailed that new RSOs fill out interest forms, create their application draft forms and then meet with UROC for approval. Bhattacharjee described the prior process and said, “it’s been lackluster for the past couple years.”

Secretary of Health and Wellbeing, Audrey Gabriel detailed her efforts with the Health Council, including the implementation of free menstrual products in buildings on campus and the availability of walk-in appointments for booster vaccinations and flu shots at the UMass Campus Center.

Additionally, Chair of the Social Justice and Empowerment Committee, Hewan Weldai explained that the “SOJEC is going to be continuing contraceptive rights campaigns.” She described that they want to “target outreach to multicultural groups.”

Chair of the Undergraduate Services Committee, Lily Bruce described her conversation with John King, parking services manager. She described that in the past, he would revoke first-time tickets and relayed the message that students who receive parking tickets should go through the appeal process, as King no longer revokes first-time tickets personally.

The advisors also discussed how they hope to continue their involvement in helping the SGA since Lydia Washington’s leaving. They plan to “help with whatever we can to make the transition of Lydia leaving more acceptable.”

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