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The perfect albums for autumn

Here is all the music you need for the fall season
Photo Courtesy of the Taylor Swift official Facebook page

Fall is my favorite season; it’s cold but not too cold and the trees turn bright orange before they lose their leaves, while the air always feels crisp and refreshing. It is also a time when Halloween is around the corner and midterms are almost over. There’s many songs and different types of media that I associate with this season, yet I do have my favorites. Whether it be their production, their lyrics or just their aesthetics, here are a few albums that I associate with autumn.


“Folklore” by Taylor Swift

Soft piano keys and lightly plucked guitar strings echo throughout much of Swift’s album, perfectly mimicking the comfort that comes with this season. The sounds are familiar and reassuring, despite heartbreaking lyrics. The album’s aesthetic can only be described as cozy, almost like a soft blanket. It’s music that is meant to be taken in slowly on a cold, breezy day.


“Hozier” by Hozier

Hozier’s voice flows on this album like liquid gold: solemn and wistful. He sings of longing, love and everything in between. Lyrics that describe a tumultuous relationship accompany soft guitar strings and church-like melodies. It’s the quintessential album for fall, with songs titled “From Eden” and “Cherry Wine.” Hints of soul, blues and jazz music linger throughout this collection of songs, culminating in a beautiful, rootsy sound.


“How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” by Florence + The Machine 

Much of Florence + The Machine’s work showcases her emotions; she feels passionate about all that goes on in her life. The album is driven by her powerful vocals and gorgeous melodies, echoing from track to track. Its heavy drum beats crescendos to a buildup on every song, with the chorus after every bridge acting as a form of release. The album feels lush, whimsical and complex with each track feeling like a breath of fresh, icy air.


“Immunity” by Clairo

A big departure from her previous bedroom-pop work, “Immunity” is a soft-rock project that makes for the perfect autumn listen. With Danielle Haim of the Haim sisters on the drums and Clairo herself on the guitar, this album shines a spotlight on Clairo’s quiet voice, full of ballads that take from the adult contemporary genre. It’s an album that reminisces beautifully on her experiences as she appreciates everything she’s been through.


“Harry Styles” by Harry Styles

Influenced heavily by rock-and-roll, Harry Styles’ first studio album is a piece of work I hold near and dear to my heart. It’s enigmatic, mysterious but also deeply familiar. With songs such as “Ever Since New York” and “Two Ghosts,” the album is soft, yet never boring. There is a slight twang to every track, with lyrics that scream honesty and frankness. It’s a bold but comforting piece of work that is deeply personal and true.


Ashviny Kaur can be reached at [email protected].

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