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Sixty-five years young … and still counting

By Bridget Williams (State Hornet)

November 30, 1999

This August will mark another milestone in the career of sociology professor Judson Landis. As the longest standing professor on campus, according to Faculty Affairs, he will be entering into his 38th year of teaching at Sac S...

Drug cocktail usage increases despite risks

November 30, 1999

Drug cocktail usage increases despite risks Drug cocktail usage increases despite risks Recent trends show that the use of pharmaceutical drugs like painkillers for mind-altering purposes is on the rise, according to the...

NRA and Young Libertarians deliver message of personal rights

By Jennifer Dassell (Special to the Hornet)

November 30, 1999

A senior lobbyist for the National Rifle Association told a Sacramento State audience on Monday that accidental death by guns in the United States is at its lowest point in 100 years. NRA member Steve Helsey said he believes it...

New logo for

By Lucas Harbour (Special to State Hornet)

November 30, 1999

We have added a new graphic today on the main page to promote our coverage of the Olympic Trials at CSUS.