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Online dating: the virtual window shopping of romance

By Justin Surgent

September 4, 2013

Filed under Arts & Living, Lifestyle

So I started online dating. Usually when someone mentions online dating, the first thing that comes to mind is some lonely person past their prime, or one of those cookie-cutter couples seen in and Christian Mingle commercials. Following those images tend to be stories of...

The beer speaks for itself at Amherst Brewing Company

By Justin Surgent

April 26, 2013

Filed under Arts & Living, Food & Drink

The 100-foot copper bar top is huge, the beer selection even larger. Varieties range from dark porters to ultra-hoppy IPA’s, and home brewed beers are on tap alongside imported rarities. And if you want to take some home at...

Dec. 21, 2012: A playlist for the apocalypse

By Justin Surgent

December 7, 2012

Filed under Arts & Living, Music

It’s almost Dec. 21, 2012, and marking the final day of the Mayan calendar comes the end of the world. While most people are out looting, fighting or attempting to flee their fate, why not sit back and put a soundtrack to this...

Photography gift ideas that won’t make you shutter

By Justin Surgent

December 4, 2012

Filed under Arts & Living, Culture

With the holidays around the corner, gift ideas are on everyone’s mind. Photography enthusiasts and loved ones of photography enthusiasts are generally pretty crushed at this time of the year, as most photo related gifts cost hundreds of dollars. ...

Fantazia 360 sold out the Mullins center

By Justin Surgent

November 6, 2012

Filed under Arts & Living, Music

Psychedelic, blow up pillars lined the far walls of the Mullins Center. An out-of-this-world photo shoot was set up in the style of “Fantazia,” the mind-bending back story to the show. Bright lasers traced erratic patterns on the walls. Props were ...

Back in Black at the Calvin

By Justin Surgent

November 1, 2012

Filed under Archives, Arts & Living, Comedy, Culture

“It’s not going to be that exciting,” Lewis Black said flatly as he walked out to thunderous applause, “ you've come with an energy I can’t respond to.” But for a 64 year-old man, Black kept up pretty well with the you...

Fantazia kicks off tour with UMass

By Justin Surgent

October 31, 2012

Filed under Arts & Living, Music

If death-defying stunts, fire-breathing dancers and electronic music are your idea of a good time, then Fantazia 360 is where you belong. With its tour premiering tonight at the Mullins Center, Fantazia 360 promises to make this ...

“Black comes back to Calvin”

By Justin Surgent

October 26, 2012

Filed under Arts & Living, Comedy, Culture

Known for his outright anger and ease with profanity during his politically-charged comedy performances, Lewis Black is one of current day comedy’s icons. Black will be performing at the Calvin Theatre in Northampton tonight at 8 p.m. According to Black’s bio on his website, he is origina...