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Taking an interest in Pinterest

By Rachel Arlin

October 29, 2013

Filed under Arts & Living, Technology

Pinterest has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms in recent years. Many people don’t understand how Pinterest works, or even see a point to using it. Here, I will explain the purpose of Pinterest and...

A Day to Remember makes an album to remember

By Rachel Arlin

October 20, 2013

Filed under Arts & Living, Music

It has been over three years since A Day to Remember released their last album, “What Separates Me from You.” A Day to Remember is the type of band whose style changes dramatically with each new album it releases. Its newest...

Panic! at the Disco changes its style again

By Rachel Arlin

October 17, 2013

Filed under Arts & Living, Music

Panic! at the Disco has been through many stages throughout its career. When the time rolled around for a new album, it released “Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!” to promote its newest career stage. P!ATD’s sty...

The legend continues in second season of “Korra”

By Rachel Arlin

September 23, 2013

Filed under Arts & Living, Culture, Television

After the long hiatus following Book 1, “The Legend of Korra” is finally back. Fans have been patiently waiting for Book 2, entitled “Spirits.” The release date has been pushed back many times, causing confusion all around....

85th Academy Awards lacks clear-cut favorites

By Rachel Arlin

February 19, 2013

Filed under Arts & Living, Culture, Movies, Television

  The Oscars —the pinnacle of movie accolades and a celebration of the film industry’s best creations over the last 12 months.               This year, “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane is taking ov...

“Django Unchained” delivers with overwhelming success

By Rachel Arlin

January 29, 2013

Filed under Arts & Living, Movies

Having five Oscar nominations already under its belt, “Django Unchained” qualifies as an accomplished movie. And with a great cast, including Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington, Christoph Waltz and Leonardo DiCaprio, it has an ex...

Does Thanksgiving matter anymore?

By Rachel Arlin

November 19, 2012

Filed under Columns, Opinion

It is a known fact that America has turned into a materialistic country. Holidays have become more important to us than ever before. Black Friday is a significant factor in this materialistic movement. People are frantically worried abou...

“Wreck-It Ralph” Wins Moviegoers over with Cuteness

By Rachel Arlin

November 15, 2012

Filed under Arts & Living, Movies

The film “Wreck-It Ralph” hit theaters on Nov. 2. The movie’s credits contain some big names: John C. Riley plays the protagonist of the story, Ralph, alongside Sarah Silverman as Vanellope, Jack McBrayer as Felix and...

Will Girl Gamers ever become just Gamers?

By Rachel Arlin

October 30, 2012

Filed under Arts & Living, Video Games

Recently, I was watching the news, and a recent study found that more and more women are starting to play videogames. It may, however, not be in the way you expect. Women tend to play more iPhone app games than men. Though not...