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So, just who is Big K.R.I.T.?

By Rafael Canton

March 12, 2012

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Since the Spring Concert performers were announced over a week ago, I've heard plenty of statements and questions regarding who these artists are. The most notable unknown is Big K.R.I.T., though that will not last long, as h...

The G.O.A.T. of Rap: The Notorious B.I.G.

By Rafael Canton

March 9, 2011

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Some rappers wish to have a hit song, some rappers wish to be celebrities, some rappers wish to be the best, Biggie just wanted to rap and make music. While it is a sad day for some because March 9th marks the 14...

Album Review: Lupe Fiasco “Lasers”

By Rafael Canton

March 8, 2011

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Lupe Fiasco has gone through struggles that many artists go through with releasing music that is in conflict with what the record label wants. He has talked about being forced to release records that the record label designed and suggested for him. Tracks like The Show Goes On, Words I Never Said, and Never Forget You we...

Interview with Teddy Roxpin

By Rafael Canton

February 11, 2011

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Teddy Roxpin is a local producer from Newton, Massachusetts. He is up-and-coming and has worked with artists such as Apathy, Chris Webby, Esoteric and has also worked with Mac Miller. I got the chance to sit down with Teddy and...

The Concept of The Mixtape: The Gift & The Curse

By Rafael Canton

January 30, 2011

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What's the purpose of the mixtape? There really is no specific definition for a mixtape in music. It can play the role of unofficial album, street album, promotional tool/accessory to an album, a tribute to the fans, etc. It's...

The artist vs. the record label

By Rafael Canton

October 12, 2010

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Lupe Fiasco and Nas are two well respected rappers in music. Nas is an iconic rapper that has been a living legend since his classic debut Illmatic in 1994, and Lupe Fiasco has a great following and is considered one of the best lyri...