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A year of reflection

A year of reflection

April 14, 2014

UMass student spends summer in Wyoming wilderness

By Samara Abramson

September 4, 2013

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Samantha Marino had an “amazing” experience over the summer in the wilderness of Wyoming. A management major at the University of Massachusetts, Marino left her hometown of Byfield, Mass., on May 15 to spend the next three...

UMass doctor aids Boston bombing victims on scene

By Samara Abramson

April 26, 2013

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Last Monday, Dr. Pierre Rouzier faced the idea of never seeing his family again as he ran into the smoke of two detonated bombs on Bolyston Street in Boston. “There’s a bomb. I’m going at it. Say prayers,” Rouzier said he wrote in a text message to his wife and two children. ...

Students should explore campus businesses, despite construction

By Samara Abramson

March 8, 2013

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On Monday morning, I was heading over to the Student Union to get a bagel from People’s Market, which is a student-run, organic coffee shop that sells a variety of organic foods. As I was walking through the DuBois wind tunnel, trying to ignore the ugly construction site ...

Exhibition on military drones now on display in Hampden Gallery

By Samara Abramson

March 6, 2013

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An 18-foot-long rhinestone-covered replica of a U.S. Predator drone is the center of a new multimedia art exhibit that opened on March 1 at the Hampden Gallery in the University of Massachusetts’s Southwest Residential Area. The ...

Changing junk food policies may slow obesity epidemic

By Samara Abramson

February 22, 2013

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Picture this: 11 of the most powerful CEOs of America’s largest food companies, including Nestlé, Kraft, General Mills and Mars, sitting in the auditorium of Pillsbury’s headquarters discussing the prevalence of obesity in the United States and...

Boy Scouts of America should lift ban on gay members

By Samara Abramson

February 8, 2013

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There is a vast change proposed to take place across the country as the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is planning to vote on lifting its ban on gay leaders and scouts. For the past 23 years, the BSA has not allowed scouts to be led by gay or lesbian ...

As textbook costs increase, students look to alternate online solutions

By Samara Abramson

February 1, 2013

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Textbooks don’t come cheap. In fact, a semester’s worth of books may even cost more than what some University of Massachusetts students pay for in-state tuition. According to the American Enterprise Institute, textbook prices across the cou...

Night owl’s wisdom

By Samara Abramson

November 1, 2012

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In a “Psychology Today” article, “Early Risers are Happier, Healthier and More Productive Than Night Owls,” explores the hypothesized happier state of being of a morning person as opposed to that of a night owl. Williams stat...

Dance should be an Olympic sport

By Samara Abramson

October 10, 2012

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During the 2012 Olympics this summer, I got into a heated discussion with members of my family about which aspects qualify a sport to be a ‘sport’. My cousins believe that any sport necessitating a judge is too subjective to be consid...

Plane rides and life lessons

By Samara Abramson

September 5, 2012

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I believe that nothing in life really matters unless you learn something from it – that’s why we spend the majority of our early years in school, isn’t it? So when going on a trip, isn’t there a debate about which aspect...