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“The Box” puts the fear back into the unknown

By Steven Baum

November 6, 2009

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In a time when the unknown can become known in seconds thanks to modern technology, “The Box” puts the fear back into that which is not known.  The year is 1976. Norma and Arthur Lewis are a happily married couple. They...

Post-Cold War View on “West Side Story”

By Steven Baum

October 21, 2009

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Throughout October, Amherst Cinema will be screening three classic films from the 1950s: "Rebel Without a Cause," "West Side Story," and "Jailhouse Rock." The films are being shown as part of an exhibition entitled, "The 1950s:...

Class Action screening of “Capitalism: a Love Story” leaves audiences with bitter hearts

By Steven Baum

October 14, 2009

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Last Wednesday, Class Action, an organization that strives to raise awareness of social inequality and rid the world of classism, screened Michael Moore’s latest film, “Capitalism: A Love Story.” The event consisted of a...

Michael Moore’s Newest Love Child

By Steven Baum

October 6, 2009

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As one of the most commercially successful documentary filmmakers in history, Michael Moore once again finds himself the subject of inquiry following the release of his most recent collection of criticism on America, “Capitalism: A Lo...