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‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ still a relevant source of advice

By Andrew Cogan

March 29, 2010

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“How to Win Friends and Influence People,” by Dale Carnegie, is a book on why generosity is the greatest good you can do to yourself and others. Its lessons are simple, easy to understand and readily applicable in everyday...

Mass Effect 2 outshines original

By Andrew Witts

March 23, 2010

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In 2007, Bioware released one of the most creative, thought provoking and visually impressive video games of this current generation with Mass Effect. Shortly after the release of Mass Effect, the project lead Casey Hudson announced...

Prestigious poet to visit Smith College

By Margaret Gaby

March 22, 2010

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The Smith College program for the Study of Women and Gender will hold a poetry reading tonight, recognizing the youth of New England’s excellence in the art of poetry. Tracy K. Smith, who helped judge the 4th annual Smith...

Road rules: How to survive long hours in confined spaces with your best of friends

By Kate MacDonald

March 12, 2010

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It’s that time of the year again, when college students everywhere are done with midterms and aching to get out of their sleepy hometowns and off to warm beaches rife with scantily clad beachgoers. On a poor college kid’s budget, how are they supposed to afford this trip? Here’s an...

“Sons of Tucson” good for a cheap laugh

By Shayna Murphy

March 11, 2010

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The latest half hour comedy, “Sons of Tucson,” is set to premiere Sunday, March 14, at 9:30 pm. It’s just one of some new shows Fox will be premiering to establish itself as a comedic powerhouse among the other great networks,...

Key moments make 2010 Academy Awards memorable

By Kate MacDonald

March 10, 2010

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With every new year comes the same line-up of award shows honoring the best talent in Hollywood. The same categories are filled and someone is declared Best Supporting Actress, Best Director and so on. It gets sort of monotonous; it’s been the same since 1929. This year, however, there were ch...

The Next Generation of Online Romance?

By Lily Hicks

March 9, 2010

Filed under Arts & Living, Lifestyle, Words eHarmony. Lavalife. A new name has entered the “e-love” stratosphere – this time, though, the focus is not on forging relationships but sustaining them. is an online magazine catered towards men...

CASA Dominicana celebration heats up a cold winter night

By Rachel Dougherty

March 5, 2010

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CASA Dominicana infused a little Caribbean heat into a cold Massachusetts night when they celebrated Dominican Independence Day on Saturday ,Feb. 27 in the Fine Arts Center lobby. University of Massachusetts cultural RSO CASA...

Take me “Home”

By Marianne Kim

March 4, 2010

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"Home” is a two week exhibition in the Student Union Art Gallery displaying artwork from University of Massachusetts and Five College students. According to the website, the exhibition addresses what, where and when home is....

“Spring Awakening” succeeds as an eye-opening production

By Alissa Mesibov

March 2, 2010

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  The University of Massachusetts theater department’s production of “Spring Awakening: A Sin of Omission” is a pleasing new adaptation of Frank Wedekind’s 1891 play. The story revolves around a group of adolescents in provincial Germany. In a time when repression reigns, the young teens are unable to receive the necessary guidance from the adults in their lives. They are left to navigate the confusing and terrifying maze of pubert...

In sickness or in health insurance

By Kate MacDonald

February 28, 2010

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What sort of world do we live in where a mature, pretty and leggy blond woman has to create a website to find a husband? A world where healthcare is a growing problem for millions. Terri Carlson, a 45-year-old divorced mother,...

George Saunders illustrates life through writing

By Garth Brody

February 28, 2010

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George Saunders, author of “In Persuasion Nation,” spoke on Feb. 23 at the University of Massachusetts in the Student Union Ballroom. After a Commonwealth Honors College faculty representative’s warm yet lengthy introduction,...