Massachusetts Daily Collegian

Local Food Movement Going Strong In Amherst, Hadley, NoHo

By Brendan Murphy

May 2, 2010

It’s no secret that Amherst ­– and many areas of western Massachusetts – is a farming community. Much of the local economy is driven by agriculture, and the products grown right down the street are often sold to restaurants...

Celebrate the right way with sparkling wine

By Matthew Harrison

April 30, 2010

With graduation almost here for a lot of students, I thought I’d talk about a few inexpensive sparkling wines which are sure to add a nice fizz to your graduation celebrations. While any carbonated wine is sparkling wine, it’s...

Chill out with seasonal summer beers

By Andrew Sheridan

April 30, 2010

The weather outside is still cool and the trees are still in full bloom, but while the world outside your window may tell you that springtime is in full swing, the world inside your liquor store’s fridge tells a different story....

The great chicken parmesan showdown

By Brendan Murphy

April 28, 2010

In a college town the size of Amherst, there are a lot of competitive restaurants on the scene that serve up a mean chicken parmesan. The unsuspecting underclassman can get lost in a sea of mediocre meatballs, everyday calzones...

Wicked cheesy: Ring in U.S. Grilled Cheese month in good taste

By Andrew Sheridan

April 25, 2010

Spring semester is coming to an end, and for many, that means two things: One, finals week is coming at you like a freight train, and two, you have already spent your entire food budget for the semester on beer. How can one find...

Eat your way to a greener you

By Alex Tillotson

April 21, 2010

The local food movement is on the rise in the food industry, but chefs aren’t the only ones able to take advantage of fresh, organic food anymore. These days, farmers’ markets, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares, a...

‘Ganja sizzles despite rain

By Andrew Sheridan

April 20, 2010

Amherst Common once again played host to the annual cannabis celebration known as Extravaganja on Saturday. For the 19th consecutive year, the common was flooded with people, unwashed masses milling, moving and dancing under a...

La Piazza Pizza serves up great food, great values

By Brendan Murphy

April 9, 2010

La Piazza Pizza has reinvented the $5 footlong. Gone are the days of generic breads and cheeses. Paper-thin meats packed into everyday sandwiches are in the past. This pizza place serves up heaping hot chicken, eggplant, or meatball...

Tempranillo wine a flavorful bouquet

By Matthew Harrison

April 7, 2010

In today’s wine review, I taste two Spanish wines, both of the Tempranillo varietal. Tempranillo, which comes from the Spanish word for ”early,“ is a grape which ripens several weeks earlier than most other Spanish grapes. It leads to wines which are flavorful an...

Healthy Cooking: Simplified

By Steven McPartland

April 6, 2010

Cooking an enjoyable meal every night for yourself can be a daunting task, and making it a healthy meal can make the difficult seem downright impossible. You’re strapped for time, you don’t want to spend a fortune. You want...

A Scotch-lovers guide to whisky

By Matthew Harrison

April 4, 2010

Scotch is defined as any whisky made in Scotland. By law, it must be made from barley, distilled in Scotland, contain less than 94.8 percent alcohol, aged in oak barrels in Scotland for a minimum of three years and bottled at...

Light, fresh and healthy spring meals hit the spot

By Ellie Rulon-Miller

March 25, 2010

Spring is officially here – temperatures may still be hovering around chilly and cold, but according to the calendar the spring season has been upon us since last Saturday. The semester is already halfway over, and summer will...