Massachusetts Daily Collegian

Starling on Sex: Clichés come true

By Jessica Starling Jones

October 21, 2009

Many people have asked me of late what happened to me that made me so cynical when it comes to relationships. I’ll admit it is a reasonable question. I’ve gone from being a die-hard romantic to having a visceral aversion to...

UPC brings school spirit to campus concourse

By Cal Scannell

October 14, 2009

You may have seen the enormous flat screen TVs in the Campus Center yesterday afternoon, or heard the dazzling/ glass-shattering vocals of your peers echoing throughout the concourse. If you were lucky, you may even have walked...

Halloween do-it-yourself tricks and treats

By Ellie Rulon-Miller

October 14, 2009

During the long weekend, I took a trip to my hometown of Beverly, Massachusetts. When I got off the highway at my exit, I passed one house that is, regardless of whether or not there is a holiday coming up, always extravagantly...

Artists go down to the Paradise City

By Shayna Murphy

October 8, 2009

Spot the rows of intricately beaded handbags and hand-stitched wool jackets and you’ll have seen a place unlike any other – a place cluttered with ceramic vases and glasswork tinted by light blue hues and other accoutrements...

Brazilian flair brought to UM through Capoeira classes

By Rebecca D’Attilio

October 4, 2009

For those who opt out of paying high gym membership prices or club dues, there is now another option on campus for students trying to stay fit while having fun. Capoeira, a mix of martial arts and dancing, is now being taught...

Got a mint for the festival that stinks?

By Cal Scannell

October 1, 2009

Be sure to bring along a tin of Altoids to this weekend’s Garlic and Arts Festival which has been described as “the festival that stinks.” The event, currently in its 10th year, is a quaint country gathering of local farmers,...

Say “I do” to do it yourself

By Ellie Rulon-Miller

September 30, 2009

Last weekend, I had the privilege of being involved in the most important day of my oldest brother’s life: his wedding. I was a bridesmaid in Patrick and Angie’s ceremony. I wore the pretty dress, held the pretty flowers,...

Scantily-clad interns give working girls a bad name

By Shayna Murphy

September 28, 2009

As fall slowly begins to peak it’s way through the leaves, congressional male staffers look forward, with equal parts excitement and longing, to “skintern” season – a time when thousands of supple young female interns sw...

The Starling report: walk of shame

By Jessica Starling Jones

September 23, 2009

It’s Saturday morning. Not quite sunrise, but not long after. The place: The mean streets of Fitchburg, where I spent most of my Friday nights this summer. The outfit: Wrinkled and askew. Low-cut top, platform heels. Smudged ma...

Local settings lend verve to poetry at Amherst Cinema

By Lisa Linsley

September 20, 2009

Late Thursday evening, the “Notnostrums,” an online poetry group, performed “When You Think Of,” at Amherst Cinema. A variety of places flashed across the screen, as the editors of the film, Guy Pettit, Emily Pettit and...

Farmers give locals taste of community

By Cal Scannell

September 17, 2009

Swarms of people dart in and out of the stalls on the Amherst Common, which displays anything from glistening eggplants, plump tomatoes, bright white cheeses and organic meats to homemade soaps, wildflowers and a variety of hand...

Escape summer lulls with books

By Cal Scannell

September 7, 2009

Whether killing time on a commuter train twice a day or relaxing at the beach, the endless hours of summer provides students with the opportunity to read for the pure joy of it … what a novel idea (no pun intended)! The following...