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‘Half-Blood Prince’ brings audiences ‘Half-Way’ to a magical finale

By Haley Navarro

September 9, 2009

“Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” the sixth installment in the Harry Potter franchise, opened July 15 and quickly secured its spot as a summer blockbuster. According to, as of August 30, the film has grossed $895,958,075 worldwide. The...

This Week’s DVDs To See

By Justin Gagnon

March 6, 2009

            It’s the wee hours of the morning and I just got home from seeing the midnight, or should I say all-night, release of “Watchmen.” If you get chance, definitely go check it out. Just try to ignore the fact that Snyder's interpret...

Dad on a Rampage: "Taken"

February 12, 2009

Ladies, when vacationing in Paris this summer, there are a few basic things one ought to know in order to prevent any mishaps from occurring.Tip one: After exiting the plane, proceed directly to the next available cab at your disposal...

The Wrestler at Amherst Cinema

By kevinkoczwara

January 24, 2009

If anyone has seen any awards show or heard any movie buzz it has had to include the buzz about "The Wrestler" and Mickey Rourke's performance. The movie is shot mostly on a hand-held camera, following behind Rourke who gives a mar...

Awards Wrap-Up from the Boston Globe

By kevinkoczwara

January 23, 2009

Ty Burr and Wesley Morris are two beloved critics by us here at the Collegian (Shayna and Myself especially). They had done an Oscar video a few weeks ago about who will get snubbed and forgotten when the time comes for the predictions....

Oscar Nominations Have Been Announced!

By kevinkoczwara

January 22, 2009

Today was the big day for the Motion Picture world. Some huge nominations for "Benjamin Button" (13) and "Slumdog Millionaire" (10). The most enjoyable news is the nomination for Richard Jenkins (Best Acotr) for "The Visitor"...

A Revolution in Acting

By kevinkoczwara

January 13, 2009

After Kate Winslets recent victories at the Golden globes (best supporting actress for "The Reader" and best actress for "Revolutionary Road") I thought I should write up a short review of "Revolutionary Road."Let me start off by saying this: the movie is all about th...

The Curious Case

By kevinkoczwara

December 26, 2008

To say "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" is the year's best film is too high of a compliment (it is getting a few of those), but the film is surely one of the best of the year. With David Fincher's direction the film moves thr...

The kids of Journalism 393F have taken over…

December 12, 2008

Some films must be seen – they’re almost too unbelievable to disregard or to ignore. Some, like those of the “Showgirls” variety, are mere flashes in the poor taste pan. Poor, yes, but they’re the stuff of laughs, not of legend. Su...

Clint Eastwood: As good as they get

By kevinkoczwara

December 12, 2008

With "Gran Torino" opening to some great reviews, Eastwood winning a major acting award for the film already, I thought it was fair to post an interview that the New York Times did with him. He is a true American actor and hero of ...

Golden Globe Nominations Announced

By kevinkoczwara

December 12, 2008

Today was the day that the grand ol' Golden Globe nominations get announced.Another one of those glitz and glamour showcases for the rich to shine. But in all fairness we watch the rich, pay for them to be rich, to entertain and t...

I must disagree with Shayna, it happens

By kevinkoczwara

December 7, 2008

Shayna Murphy reviewed Danny Boyle's new film "Slumdog Millionaire" earlier this week. And I must disagree with her "B" rating. Now I know our rating system is flawed (which one isn't?) and it is completely subjective. But I must give Boyle's new film an "A"...