Massachusetts Daily Collegian

“New Moon” soundtrack fails to dazzle

By Kate MacDonald

October 22, 2009

Grade: C+ With the second installation of the Twilight Saga and “New Moon” coming to theaters in just under a month, teens and self-proclaimed “Twi-hards” alike need some sort of relief. They will find it with the new release of music director Alexandra Patsavas’ compilation. Followers of thi...

White Rabbits rock The Basement

By Dave Mansfield

October 22, 2009

White Rabbits shook The Basement to its core on Tuesday night, giving the fervent crowd an intensely energetic performance free of charge. After their planned show at Pearl Street in Northampton was cancelled, White Rabbits, along with opener SquillMerchants, headed over to the tiny venue a couple...

Post-Cold War View on “West Side Story”

By Steven Baum

October 21, 2009

Throughout October, Amherst Cinema will be screening three classic films from the 1950s: "Rebel Without a Cause," "West Side Story," and "Jailhouse Rock." The films are being shown as part of an exhibition entitled, "The 1950s: Cold War Culture and the Birth of The Cool." The reason behind the exhibition...

Starling on Sex: Clichés come true

By Jessica Starling Jones

October 21, 2009

Many people have asked me of late what happened to me that made me so cynical when it comes to relationships. I’ll admit it is a reasonable question. I’ve gone from being a die-hard romantic to having a visceral aversion to relationships in the course of a few short months. In fact, the obvious a...

“Om Shanti Om” Enchants Amherst Cinema

By Mark Schiffer

October 21, 2009

The theater at Amherst Cinema was packed almost to capacity this past Sunday at 1 p.m., a sign of an audience buzzing with anticipation for the special screening of Farah Khan’s 2007 Bollywood box-office hit “Om Shanti Om,” presented by the Asian Arts and Culture Program. Audience members both...

Bright Star: a visual masterpiece that captures eternal love and fleeting life

By Nora Drapalski

October 20, 2009

Named after one of his well-known poems, the film “Bright Star” is based on the true story of John Keats, an English poet in the Romantic movement, as seen through the eyes of his love, Miss Fanny Brawne. The story follows Fanny through the relationship she had with Keats, beginning with their...

Seasonal Treats on a College Budget

By Kaitlyn Bigica

October 20, 2009

Baby Tiramisu If you love sweets raise your hand! As the cold crisp air creeps through the University of Massachusetts campus and midterms roll around, everyone could use a healthy indulgence alongside a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Not only is this treat only 100 calories, it’s also college-budget...

Poetic talent portrayed at Amherst Cinema

By Chelsea Whitton

October 20, 2009

Amherst Cinema was center stage for three recognized poets last Thursday night. The event was presented by the University of Massachusetts Juniper Initiative for Arts and Action, the UMass Fine Arts Center and the Going Public Contemporary Literature series. The cinema was full of over 150 poetry enthusiasts,...

Rip them to shreds: dirty looks, hapless killer elicit more laughs than scares in slasher remake

By Danny Marchant

October 19, 2009

 The credited director of “The Stepfather” is Nelson McCormick. The credited writer is J.S. Cardone. Those are incredibly creative names for what are clearly two monkeys who turned to Post-It notes with ideas written on them to devise the script for “The Stepfather.” The result of their effort is a co...

Jonze knows ‘Where the Wild Things Are’

By Lindsay Pierce

October 19, 2009

The film adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s beloved picture book “Where the Wild Things Are” is not quite a story for children, but more a story of childhood. The movie is dark, troubling and often violent, and may be too intense and unsettling for young children. For this reason, Warner Bros. has fu...

Triple shot of indie rock hops over to Noho

By Dave Mansfield

October 19, 2009

Packing a percussive sound that separates them from their indie rock colleagues, White Rabbits will be stopping by the Pearl Street Clubroom in Northampton on Tuesday, Oct. 20. On the heels of their sophomore release, “It’s Frightening,” the talented six-member group has launched a fall tour and...

Jazz greats Lateef and Rudolph stun audiences Thursday

By Christiana McDougal

October 18, 2009

Exotic instruments littered the stage of Bowker Auditorium this past Thursday as crowds of people flooded in through the entranceway to see jazz great Yusef Lateef and percussionist Adam Rudolph. Gongs, bells, drums, a saxophone and an assortment of woodwinds sat on stage waiting to be played. As anticipation grew from the...