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Heaven by Marc Jacobs, for everyone

By Jackson Walker, Collegian Staff November 3, 2022
If I wanted to wear a suit I’d work at the bank
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Weekly Playlist: See Collegian staff picks for late October

By Collegian Staff November 2, 2022
Discover the Collegian Staff’s top music picks.
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The Minute wear: Exceptional fall fashion looks

By Ava Neely, Assistant Graphics Editor November 2, 2022
Stopping UMass students for one minute to ask, "What are you wearing?”
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‘Stars at Noon’ review: An erotic thriller for a fraught political landscape

By Thomas Machacz, Collegian Staff October 31, 2022
Margaret Qualley and Joe Alwyn heated up in the year’s tensest thriller.
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Carly Rae Jepsen returns to music with “The Loneliest Time”

By Eric Strong, Collegian Correspondent October 31, 2022
Carly Rae Jepsen’s newest effort cements her as one of the most exciting figures in pop music.
Maria Uminski/ Daily Collegian (2012)

The best horror manga to read during Halloween

By Sierra Thornton, Collegian Staff October 31, 2022
Whether it be during October or any other month, these horror series will terrify and entertain readers.
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‘Terrifier 2’ showcases the return of Art the Clown and his brutal, yet comedic murders

By Alex Genovese, Collegian Staff October 31, 2022
Art is back to make sure you never, ever forget him – through slashing, crushing and grinning his way through victims.
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John Carpenter: A sci-fi and horror great

By Ryan Long, Collegian Correspondent October 27, 2022
Diving into John Carpenter’s “Halloween,” “The Thing” and “They Live.”
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Top 10 Songs to add to your fall playlist

By Jenna Arruda , Collegian Correspondent October 27, 2022
In need of new songs for fall? Here’s ten to get you through the autumn.
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Catchy song covers that give classic hits a fresh sound

By Juliana Yacoubian, Collegian Correspondent October 27, 2022
A curated list of cover songs that revive classic hits.
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The perfect albums for autumn

By Ashviny Kaur, Collegian Staff October 27, 2022
Wind down after midterm season with these autumn album recs.
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Breaking down some of Nuts to Soup’s best mixes

By Jackson Walker, Collegian Staff October 26, 2022
London radio station NTS is the perfect place to discover new music.
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