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Strong female characters in the ‘Star Wars’ universe

Strong female characters in the ‘Star Wars’ universe

By Shannon Moore, Staff Writer March 31, 2022

Since the beginning of the “Star Wars” universe in the 1970s, the science-fiction saga spanning over several decades has maintained its hold on viewers. Over the years, “Star Wars” has not only...

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Does ‘Kill Bill’ still hold up as a feminist film?

By Will Duffy, Staff Writer March 31, 2022

The “Kill Bill” films are widely hailed as extraordinary pieces of cinema. The series has it all: breathtaking fight scenes, gorgeous cinematography, captivating storylines, and at its center, The...

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Charli XCX’s fight for artistic autonomy in the pop industry has made her one of the genre’s most exciting artists

By Nic Roy, Collegian Contributor March 31, 2022

Anyone who has listened to the radio in the past 10 years may know British pop singer Charli XCX from her extremely commercially successful collaborations with Iggy Azalea and Icona Pop, “Fancy” and...

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Artist Spotlight: Grace Kerlin

By Julia King, Collegian Correspondent March 31, 2022

Managing all the responsibilities that come with attending college can be overwhelming as a freshman, especially with the additional role of being an aspiring musician. But communications major and rising...

Photo Courtesy of the Good Will Hunting Facebook Page

25 Years of ‘Good Will Hunting:’ A tribute to Boston

By Ashviny Kaur, Collegian Staff March 30, 2022
Why ‘Good Will Hunting’s’ setting is so important.
Artist Spotlight: The Baxbys

Artist Spotlight: The Baxbys

By Astghik Dion, Head Arts Editor March 29, 2022

all photos by Astghik Dion I didn’t realize just how many people in their early 20s can fit into one basement until I had to repeatedly wipe the fog off my camera lens, due to the heat and humidity...

Caitlin Reardon / Daily Collegian

Tame Impala takes Boston to a dimension untethered from time and space

By Caitlin Reardon and Shanti Furtado March 29, 2022

Tame Impala’s “The Slow Rush Tour” was representative of the shift in hope that the Boston community has long yearned for since the COVID-19 pandemic hit: a glimpse of normalcy. Ticket holders...

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‘After Yang’ is an invigorating take on a  science-fiction family drama

By Scott Lerer, Collegian Staff March 29, 2022

“After Yang” is a touching and unique family drama woven in a science-fiction narrative. Directed by South Korean-both filmmaker Kogonada, the film was included within the Un Certain Regard category...

Photo courtesy of the official IMDb Godfather page

‘The Godfather’: 50th Anniversary

By Shannon Moore, Staff Writer March 28, 2022
What makes “The Godfather” one of the most widely accepted best movies of all time?
Oliver Upton / FX

Donald Glover’s ‘Atlanta’ sheds light on a heartbreaking true crime story in its Season 3 premiere

By Michael Araujo, Collegian Staff March 28, 2022
Donald Glover’s “Atlanta” sheds light on the Hart family murder-suicide in its Season 3 premiere
Photo Courtesy of the Rex Orange County Facebook Page

Rex Orange County release new album “Who Cares?”

By Jenna Arruda, Collegian Correspondent March 28, 2022
Rex Orange County tackles anxiety and self-acceptance on “Who Cares?”
‘X’ is an homage to classic slasher movies with a spicy twist

‘X’ is an homage to classic slasher movies with a spicy twist

By Will Duffy, Collegian Staff March 24, 2022

In recent years, there’s been few better signs pointing to a movie’s quality than seeing the A24 logo attached to it. This studio has become a household name, producing some truly memorable flicks...

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