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‘Peacemaker’ is everything Marvel’s Disney+ shows are not

By Will Duffy, Collegian Contributor February 21, 2022

Not so long ago, WWE alumni in a movie’s main cast was a bad omen, if not a death sentence. Whether it’s Hulk Hogan producing some truly terrible comedies during his wrestling career or Dwayne Johnson...

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‘Few Good Things’: The vulnerable side of hip-hop

By Lucas Ruud, Collegian Staff February 17, 2022

Coming off of a four-year break from his last LP, rapper, songwriter and producer Saba released his third full-length rap album, “Few Good Things,” on Feb. 4. Featuring hip-hop legends Black Thought...

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Giving college mascots silly superlatives

By Colin McCarthy, Assistant Sports Editor February 17, 2022

Mascots carry a certain aura on college campuses. Whether they are taking pictures with students, standing on the field or in the stands rooting on sports teams, or strolling around campus during the day,...

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We don’t need the Oscars

By Ashviny Kaur, Staff Writer February 16, 2022
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ ceremony has served its time.
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‘The Book of Boba Fett’ fails to live up to ‘The Mandalorian’

By Shannon Moore, Staff Writer February 14, 2022
“The Book of Boba Fett” suffers from shaky plotlines and underdeveloped characters, failing to live up to “The Mandalorian.”
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‘Jackass Forever’ is vulgar, shocking and cringe-inducing, as it should be

By Will Duffy, Collegian Contributor February 14, 2022
“Jackass Forever” manages to recapture what made the original movies so lovable, something few sequels, let alone fourth installments, succeed in doing.
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Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a college student

By Joey Aliberti, Assistant Sports Editor February 10, 2022

For those looking to show adoration and appreciation to their loved ones, Valentine’s Day is a great time to take a second in our busy lives and show them how much you truly care for them. The holiday...

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Mitski’s anticipated sixth album ‘Laurel Hell’ is finally out

By Sierra Thornton, Staff Writer February 10, 2022
With “Laurel Hell” finally here, how does it measure up to Mitski’s past discography and pre-releases?
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The Weeknd explores life, death and the in-between in ‘Dawn FM’

By Caitlin Reardon, Collegian Staff February 9, 2022

If dying had a soundtrack, I would imagine it to be filled with angels’ voices sweetly singing into my ears as I drift away into unadulterated bliss. The Weeknd, however, has a different idea in mind....

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“Flee” is an interesting mix of animation and documentary

By Scott Lerer, Collegian Staff February 9, 2022

“Flee” uses both animation and documentary filmmaking to tell a true story. It won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2021 Sundance Festival and is nominated for both best documentary and animated film at...

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“Daredevil”: the Marvel gem you might have missed

By Shannon Moore, Staff Writer February 7, 2022
“If my review isn’t enough to make you watch the show, perhaps the possibilities for Matt Murdock in the future will be.”
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Wordle brings us together in the face of societal divisiveness

By Luke Halpern, Collegian Columnist February 7, 2022
Opinion: In an age of extreme partisanship and polarization, Wordle reminds us that we are all more similar than we think.
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