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Profil d’Artiste : Bugslam 

By Paige Hanson, Natalie Koopman, and Constance Sourisse March 2, 2023
Rencontre avec un groupe montant de musique alternatif tout droit sorti de UMass. Découvrez Bugslam, ses membres, son histoire et son avenir musical.
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‘High and Low’ is still high quality on its 60th anniversary

By Scott Lerer, Collegian Staff March 1, 2023
An incredible film that is still emotional and thought provoking 60 years later.

The Minute Wear Volume IV

By Ava Neely, Assistant Graphics Editor February 28, 2023
Stopping people of UMass Amherst for just one minute to ask them, "What are you wearing?”
Kira Johnson/Daily Collegian (2019)

Crossing Bridges: African American culture and modern music

By Kaviya Raja, Collegian Correspondent February 28, 2023
Learn more about the origins of your favorite music.
Photo courtesy of the official Family Guy IMDb page.

Lois Griffin is one of the greatest written characters on television

By Johnny Depin, Assistant Sports Editor February 28, 2023
Lois Griffin’s transformation over 21 seasons of “Family Guy.”
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Copenhagen Fashion Week: Sustainability, technology and fashion all come into play at the AW23 event

By Paulina Arce, Collegian Correspondent February 27, 2023
CPFW’s First Sustainable Fashion Week collaborates with content creators and demands brands meet 18 minimum standards for sustainability.
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Community and culture at TELFAR

By Jamie Long, Collegian Contributor February 23, 2023
TELFAR: redefining the future of fashion.
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“Knock at the Cabin” thrills with high-concept emotionality

By Thomas Machacz, Collegian Staff February 21, 2023
“Knock at the Cabin” proves to be a thrilling and thought-provoking must-see
Paige Hanson/Daily Collegian (2023)

Artist profile: Bugslam

By Paige Hanson, Collegian Staff February 21, 2023
Bugslam opens up about performing as a band in the UMass alternative scene
Graphic by Joey Lorant

Weekly Playlist: TikTok continues to dominate music

By Collegian Staff February 21, 2023
Collegian staff music picks for the start of 2023.
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“What Is This Feeling?”: A 20th anniversary “Wicked” retrospective

By Sierra Thorton, Collegian Staff February 16, 2023
How “Popular” is “Wicked” still as it finally reaches its 20th anniversary?
Lorie Shaull/Flickr (2018)

The Halftime Show and its impact on artists

By Paige Hanson, Collegian Correspondent February 15, 2023
The artists that benefitted from the Halftime Show.
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