Massachusetts Daily Collegian

The Art of Texting

By Kim Giordano

November 7, 2011

Have you ever noticed how many unspoken rules there are when it comes to texting? Texting, more than any other form of communication, is what most people use as their primary way to reach friends, family, a significant other, ...

The Joy of Groceries

By Mark Bruso

October 30, 2011

This may come as a surprise, but people need to eat. I know, pretty profound. For those of us living off campus, a meal plan isn’t a viable option. So long Grab n’ Go, hasta la vista Late Night at the Berk, au revoir Pitas 101, and go...

Cooking on Campus: Halloween Butterfingers

By Samantha Gillis

October 26, 2011

Every October candy corn creeps its way back on to the shelves in enormous amounts only to disappear completely a month later not to be seen again until next fall. So what do you do with it? You can only eat so much candy corn before the nausea starts to set in, though I push tha...

Can fashion be frugal and ethical?

By Nia Decaille

October 25, 2011

Every fashionable individual has to ask themselves at one point : Do I want this pricy [insert coveted item] or opt for something cheaper and similar? Sometimes we have to stare our bank statements boldly in the face and make a de...

Concert Fashion: Anything But Boring

By Jessica Klein

October 24, 2011

College students everywhere are dishing out $50 or more to rock their heads back and forth, jump up and down, and listen to electric house, trance, and techno music. With concerts like deadmau5, Tiesto, and Afrojack, it take...

Fall Fashion Trends

By Kim Giordano

October 17, 2011

A new season means new clothing. With the beginning of fall, comes the reintroduction of boots, jackets, and sweaters with a whole new twist for 2011. As New York’s Fashion Week just wrapped up, this year’s fall trends ar...

Southwest skateboards in style

By Nia Decaille

October 13, 2011

What I love most about Southwest is its uncanny ability to produce some of the most interesting and diverse characters on campus. It’s refreshing to meander into different residential areas and get a feel for the kind...

BPA: A low-down of the most important information

By Eliza Mitchell

October 12, 2011

Long before studies on it were made public in 2008, Bisphenol-A has been a widely covered topic in the field of health science. Better known as BPA, the chemical is found in a variety of items that we come into contact with in our day...

Facebook: A New Way to Procrastinate

By Kim Giordano

October 10, 2011

Have you ever noticed that the night before a major paper or exam, you find yourself continuously going back to Facebook? Walking by the computers in the library, I see student after student checking Facebook, instead of ...

UMass Fashionistas: Fall Fashion with Olivia Brown

By Nia Decaille

October 4, 2011

I had been on campus for three weeks and it was obvious that at UMass Amherst the bicycle was a cool accessory for getting to class across campus, and that you better own a pair of boots for the weather ahead. From where I s...

iPhones: The Magic (Multi) Touch

By Eliza Mitchell

September 29, 2011

We’re all familiar with touchscreens. Whether it’s on our videogame device, on our smartphone, on our tablet, or even in our car, it’s a pretty widely used technology. Since its first inklings in the late 1960s, the...

The Guy’s Fashion Guide to the Fall Semester

By Don Loch

September 19, 2011

Throw away that broken surfboard, hide those ugly swim trunks, and forget about that cut off tee you just made. As summer creeps to an end and students move into town and get back to their books and partying a certain sense of liveliness fills the sidewalks of Amherst. This livelines...