Massachusetts Daily Collegian

Graduation rates decrease nationwide

By Claire Reid Kiss

January 30, 2011

Due to a number of circumstances ranging from financial woes to lack of preparation, graduation rates at colleges and universities are decreasing across America. According to an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, of 1,400 surveyed universities, one-third reported a decrease in graduation rates for the six-year perio...

Obama seeks to increase US student presence in China

By Kara Clifford

January 30, 2011

When Chinese President Hu Jintao visited the White House last week, First Lady Michelle Obama took the opportunity to advocate for the new “100,000 Strong Initiative.” Announced by President Barack Obama in 2009, the initiative seeks to increase greatly the number of American students studying abroad ...

Physicist Ross awarded named Cottrell Scholar

By Sam Butterfield

January 30, 2011

University of Massachusetts Physics professor Jennifer Ross was recently named a 2010 Cottrell Scholar, a prestigious accolade reserved for the brightest up-and-coming stars in the sciences. The recognition comes from the Tucson, Ariz.-based Research Corporation for Science Advancement (RCSA), an...

Holub addresses campus; discusses fee increases

By Michelle Williams

January 28, 2011

In a letter to the University of Massachusetts community late Thursday night, Chancellor Robert C. Holub addressed the issue of university budget for the next fiscal year. In the campus address, Holub discussed budget cuts from the state, cuts by the University in funding for campus projects, and possible fee increases for students. Holub be...

Research finds students skating by in college

By Simone Shenny

January 27, 2011

Many college students today are finding that while they haven’t improved academically, they have learned how to effectively “BS” assignments. Some academic scholars have ventured to illuminate an apparent lapse in critical thinking seen throughout the higher education system. Recent research showed 45 percent of college students do not make significant progress in written com...

Consumers ask Taco Bell, “Where’s the beef?”

By Michelle Williams

January 27, 2011

“Where’s the beef?” was once a slogan of the fast-food restaurant chain Wendy’s, in regards to the quality of meat of their competitors’ products. Now, some consumers are asking just that of Taco Bell. An Alabama law firm has filed a class-action law suit against the fast-food compan...

Hampshire College mourns death of beloved professor

By Collegian News Staff

January 27, 2011

Hampshire College photography professor Robert Seydel, died today, according to the Daily Hampshire Gazette. “Professor Seydel was a very kind gentle person and dedicated professor known for his probing intellect and dedication to his students,” said Elaine Thomas, director of communications at Hampshire. “The community is very saddened by the...

UMass professor studies Salmonella scare of 2008

By Lily Hicks

January 27, 2011

You say tomato, I say Salmonella. Between 1996 and 2008, 14 of 84 produce-related outbreaks of food-borne illness were linked to tomatoes, according to a report released by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2009. Although the popular fruit was proven innocent during the Salmonella scare of 2008, in which 1,440 people fell ill (the likely culprit: jalapeño peppers), it’s been linke...

UMass Professor works on technology to help the blind

By Michelle Altman

January 26, 2011

University of Massachusetts Professor Aura Ganz is perfecting a program to advance the visually impaired’s quality of life. Ganz’s new technology will  provide a blind person with audio directions to destinations via a Bluetooth headset. The audio directions will begin as a blind person enters an unfamiliar buildin...

Public higher ed struggles to fill budget gap

By R.P. Hitt

January 26, 2011

Ben Taylor, a University of Massachusetts senior, faces the grim reality of having to pay back over $30 thousand in debt after graduation. He, like many other soon-to-be college graduates, not only face mounting debt, but an increasingly competitive job market.  Taylor, an intern for Public Higher Education of Massachusetts (PHENOM) and political s...

UMass works with Healthy Environment, Healthy Springfield

By Katie Landeck

January 26, 2011

Springfield is a far cry from being the healthiest environment in America, with an air quality rating of “C” from the American Lung Association and an asthma rate twice the state average. Kathleen Szegda, director of the Pioneer Valley Asthma Coalition, is starting to make changes through “Healthy Environment, Healthy Springfie...

ComCol Professor seeks to find ‘Light’ in Honors Seminar

By Ashley Berger

January 26, 2011

On Jan. 25, Commonwealth College students filled the Student Union Ballroom to attend the latest installment in the “Ideas that Changed the World” Faculty Lecture Series. The seminar, entitled “Seeing the Light in the 21st Century: R U Still in Plato’s Cave,” featured Scott Auerbach, a ...