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Commonwealth Honors College plenary lecturer Cedric de Leon discusses W.E.B. Du Bois’ local and national impact

By Rebeca Pereira, Collegian Correspondent October 12, 2022
Plenary lecturer Cedric de Leon delivered a talk on W.E.B. Du Bois’ legacy in the labor movement.
Daily Collegian (2020)

UMass trustee gifts $1.5 million towards an endowed professorship for Isenberg School of Management

By Alex Genovese, Collegian Staff October 12, 2022
“It is mission-critical for us to recruit and retain our world-class faculty so we can continue to provide our students with the highest quality education that successfully prepares them for their careers.”
Via Menty Kedebes Twitter account

United Nations humanitarian Menty Kebede speaks to students on her career work with refugees

By Saniya Jain, Collegian Correspondent October 12, 2022
UMass alum Menty Kebede gives talk on humanitarian aid and UN diplomacy.
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UMass alumni Robert Weiner address issues within American democracy

By Eve Neumann, Collegian Correspondent October 10, 2022
Weiner’s argument centers around the loss of democratic values since the Civil War.
Ana Pietrewicz / Daily Collegian

SGA holds its second 2023 senate meeting, discusses new endeavors

By Abby Joyce, Collegian Correspondent October 6, 2022
SGA details its plans for the 2022-2023 school year at its second Senate meeting.
Sophie Hauck/Daily Collegian (2022)

‘Packed’ PVTA bus drives off road

By Sophie Hauck and Jack Underhill October 6, 2022
An unidentified driver experienced a “medical emergency” while driving the 31 bus route.
Judith Gibson-Okunieff/Daily Collegian (2019)

The University Museum of Contemporary Art’s 60th Anniversary Reception celebrates a new chapter

By Ella Hunley, Collegian Correspondent October 6, 2022
Students, museum staff and state senator commend the museum’s work
Image of Larissa FastHorse, Courtesy of John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Larissa FastHorse and Michael John Garcés discuss collaboration with Indigenous peoples in decolonizing community theater

By Emilee Klein, Collegian Correspondent October 5, 2022
On Tuesday, Larissa FastHorse and Michael John Garcés talked fusing theater with community at UMass.
Cade Belisle/Daily Collegian (2012)

2022 state-wide elections provide students with the opportunity for civic engagement

By Alex Genovese, Collegian Staff October 3, 2022
Voters will go to polls in November to elect a new governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and others.
Erica Lowenkron/ Daily Collegian (2017)

Dr. Tasseli McKay discusses $7.16 trillion reparations proposal for Black communities affected by mass incarceration

By Caitlin Reardon, Assistant News Editor October 3, 2022
“Reparations as exorcism”: Dr. Tasseli McKay spoke to UMass students and scholars about her $7.16 trillion reparations proposal for Black Americans.
Sofi Shlepakov/ Daily Collegian (2022)

Send Silence Packing raises mental health awareness on campus

By Sofi Shlepakov, Assistant News Editor October 2, 2022
Send Silence Packing advocated for mental health resources in an emotional display.
Shilpa Sweth/Daily Collegian (2022)

SGA honors long-term advisor, swears in new senators

By Cristian Clewis and Daniel Frank September 29, 2022
SGA names RSO center after former advisor Lydia Washington and swears in new senators.
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