Tenzin Jinpa/AASA

The Asian American Student Association holds 11th annual Winter Ball

By Sarah Yi, Collegian Staff December 8, 2022
“The Winter Ball is AASA’s biggest annual fall semester event. It is a formal event with food, performances, a dance floor and photobooths.”
Judith Gibson-Okunieff / Daily Collegian (2016).

The College of Engineering celebrates its 75th anniversary

By Kami Nguyen, Collegian Staff December 6, 2022
A series of events and a special exhibit were held to celebrate the UMass College of Engineering turning 75 years old.
Shannon Broderick/ Daily Collegian (2015)

UMass ACA holds Arab Cultural Night event

By Paulina Arce, Collegian Correspondent December 5, 2022
The UMass Arab Cultural Association hosted its biggest event of the year.
Kayla Wong/ Daily Collegian (2022)

Powerlands comes to UMass

By Alexandra Hill, Collegian Correspondent December 5, 2022
UMass celebrated Native American Heritage Month with the Powerlands Extravaganza.
Tyler Charpentier / Daily Collegian (2022)

Lyrical Faith’s Final Debut of Bright Moments: A Spoken Word Event

By Tyler Charpentier, Collegian Correspondent December 4, 2022
Lyrical Faith, renowned spoken word poet, comes together with Gabriel Ramirez for this semester's final segment of Bright Moments.
Dylan Nguyen / Daily Collegian.

SGA meets for the first time following Thanksgiving break

By Abby Joyce, Collegian Staff December 3, 2022
Associate speaker of the senate elected, budget and more discussed at most recent SGA meeting.
Massachusetts Daily Collegian制定了一项请求删除姓名的政策

Massachusetts Daily Collegian制定了一项请求删除姓名的政策

By 每日大学报编辑部, Jianjing Zhang, and Yang Yi Chen December 3, 2022
Sophie-Zoe Schreyer/ Daily Collegian (2022)

‘Woman, life, freedom’: Iranian community, allies rally in support of protests in Iran

By Ella Adams and Caitlin Reardon December 1, 2022
“It is time to treat this regime like what it really is, a terrorist organization and a cancerous tumor that have been spread long enough.”
Judith Gibson-Okunieff/ Daily Collegian (2016)

UMPD releases Annual Security and Fire Safety Reports

By Jack Underhill, Assistant News Editor December 1, 2022
How UMPD gathers statistics for the Annual Security and Fire Safety Reports.
Courtesy of Toby Paperno / UMass Dissenters.

UMass Dissenters present petition to Isenberg administration

By Grace Fiori and Ronan Fitzgerald November 29, 2022
"We don’t want a year of meetings … our demand is simple.”
Liesel Nygard/Daily Collegian (2022)

Demonstrators gather, call for engineering student’s arrest charges to be dropped

By Ella Adams and Liesel Nygard November 22, 2022
We’re already a small minority on this campus and we’re being targeted for every little thing we do. We’re not safe. We’re not safe anywhere.”
Massachusetts Daily Collegian establishes name removal request policy

Massachusetts Daily Collegian establishes name removal request policy

By Collegian Editorial Staff November 21, 2022
People can request to have their names removed from minor crime coverage in the form located under the resources tab.
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