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Video: How to bake a vegan, gluten-free apple crisp

By Kayla Marchetti

September 20, 2013

Kayla Marchetti demonstrates how to bake a gluten-free, vegan-friendly apple crisp in this audio slideshow....

Video: UMass Udance

By Tchelsea Grenfell

December 5, 2012

Students Participated in the anual Udance dance marathon on Nov. 17 to benefit the Children's Miracle Network UMass Udance from Daily Collegian on Vimeo....

Video: Umass’s vocal suspects talk technicalities

By Shaina Mishkin

November 15, 2012

Members of The Vocal Suspects, UMass's A Capella group, talk about their music. Umass's vocal suspects talk technicalities from Daily Collegian on Vimeo....

Short Film: “Deadly Collegian Part II”

By Emily Felder

October 26, 2012

You don't need to have seen Part I of Deadly Collegian to enjoy the twists and thrills of the newest installment of "Deadly Collegian". This short film stars several staff members of the Collegian, including Emily Felder, Herb...

Video: Halloween Witch Hat Cupcakes Recipe

By Aviva Luttrell

October 26, 2012

Halloween treats are fun, creative and easy to make. Watch how to make delicious Witch Hat Cupcakes! Halloween Witch Hat Cupcakes from Daily Collegian on Vimeo....

Video slideshow: Fall apparel

By Ashley Beam

October 23, 2012

Ashley Beam displays the latest fall fashion trends.   Fall Fashion on Campus from Daily Collegian on Vimeo....