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Podcast: A Collegian Christmas

By Steffi Porter

December 7, 2012

Collegian staffers Steffi Porter, Stephen Margelony-Lejoie and Emily Brightman discuss their opinions of Christmas.   A Collegian Christmas...

Podcast: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ series finale

By Staff

April 29, 2012

Danny Marchant and Kevin Romani offer their final thoughts in the series finale of "The Dark Knight Rises" podcast. The two offer a summary of director Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" trilogy, predictions for the film and how...

Podcast: ‘A View from the Director’s Chair’ – Peter Jackson

By Danny Marchant

April 29, 2012

In the ninth and final episode of 'A View from the Director's Chair' podcast, Collegian producers Danny Marchant and Kevin Romani review the work of Peter Jackson. Jackson is most known for the masterpiece that is "The Lord of...

Podcast: An offer you can’t refuse

By Danny Marchant

April 23, 2012

Last Thursday night, Cinemark Theater made an offer to audiences they couldn’t refuse: The chance to see “The Godfather Part II” on the big screen. Regardless of how many times you’ve watched them at home, ther...

Podcast: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Episode 4

By Danny Marchant

April 17, 2012

Episode four of "The Dark Knight Rises" podcast focuses on the film's confirmed - and potential -  antagonists. Collegian Producers Danny Marchant and Kevin Romani discuss the man who breaks the bat himself  - Bane (Tom Hardy)...

Podcast: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Episode 3

By Danny Marchant

April 3, 2012

In the third installment of 'The Dark Knight Rises' podcast, Collegian producers Danny Marchant and Kevin Romani discuss Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale's take on the Batman himself. Danny and Kevin look at how Bruce...

Podcast: Pleasant Street Theater’s midnight screening series a hit

By Danny Marchant

March 6, 2012

Last fall, Northampton’s Pleasant Street Theater kicked off its Friday “Midnight” series for film fanatics. Each Friday’s screening offers a new film selection; selections range from blockbusters to independent features,...

Podcast: Oscar red carpet recap

By Conor Murphy

February 29, 2012

Collegian producers Conor Murphy, Emily Merlino and Kevin Romani along with special guest Annie Harrington provide a full recap of the best and worst dressed at this past Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony. Podcast: Oscar Red Carpet Part 1 ...

Podcast: Oscar Recap

By Malea Ritz

February 28, 2012

Collegian producers Malea Ritz and Kevin Romani discuss the 84th Academy Awards. Malea and Kevin share their opinions on both the winners and the program itself. Podcast: Oscar Recap Podcast: Oscar Recap Part 2...

Oscar Predictions: 2012

By Kevin Romani

February 24, 2012

Kevin Romani, Danny Marchant and Chris Shores make their final predictions for the Academy Awards: Part 1 Part 2 ...

Podcast: Post-Grammy wrap up

By Kevin Romani

February 15, 2012

Collegian producers Kevin Romani, Christina Gregg and Dave Coffey discuss the 2012 Grammys from Adele to LL Cool J to commemorations to heavy metal. Post-Grammy Podcast ...

Podcast: Grammy Red Carpet Review

By Lindsey Davis

February 14, 2012

The Grammy Awards red carpet looks were a mixed sack of red Versace and orange Gaultier lace. Collegian fashion gurus Lindsey Davis, Christina Gregg, Conor Murphy chat about their favorite looks with podcast host Kevin Romani. ...