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Podcast: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Episode 2

By Kevin Romani

February 12, 2012

In the second installment of "The Dark Knight Rises" podcast, Collegian producers Danny Marchant and Kevin Romani offer an in-depth analysis of both the teaser and theatrical trailers for the upcoming film. Podcast: The Dark Knight...

Podcast: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

By Kevin Romani

February 1, 2012

  Collegian producers Danny Marchant and Kevin Romani discuss the most anticipated film of 2012 in the first episode of 'The Dark Knight Rises' podcast. Danny and Kevin introduce the film's story and react to the re...

Podcast: ‘The Grey’ surprisingly solid piece of film

By Danny Marchant

January 29, 2012

Listen to Danny's Podcast: The Grey. “The Grey,” starring Liam Neeson and directed by Joe Carnahan, has been marketed as “the movie where Liam Neeson fights wolves.” Keeping with the tradition of Neeson’s recen...

84th Oscar nominations reflect both poor season and selections

By Kevin Romani

January 26, 2012

The 84th Oscar nominations were announced two days ago, and the mediocrity of the year in film was evident based on the honored pictures. Looking closely at the nominations, the Academy also revealed just how political they are in their selections. Instead of honoring the truly deserving films that are in t...