Massachusetts Daily Collegian

Crimson roll; Volleyball drops third straight

By Andy Vogt

October 16, 2001

With its third consecutive loss, the Massachusetts volleyball team is seeing red. Yesterday, it was a Crimson shade of red.The Minutewomen fell to non-conference foe Harvard 3-1 last night at Curry Hicks Cage, marking their first...

Lee channels Carson in A Sense of Wonder

By Jake Lilien

October 16, 2001

Actress, writer, and environmental activist Kaiulani Lee will be bringing her one-woman show, A Sense of Wonder, to Mount Holyoke's Gamble Auditorium tonight, at 7:00 p.m. In A Sense of Wonder, Lee portrays environmental author Ra...

Quick thinking; Dangerous situations alleviated

October 16, 2001

Staff EditorialEmergencies occur, it is simply a part of human existence. The way that groups and organizations deal with these situations however, is what is most important.The Amherst community at large has been especially ...

Pain Is Love adheres to Ja formula

By Kurt Polesky

October 16, 2001

JA RULEPain Is LoveDef JamJa Rule is the stereotypical rapper. His music (songs about hos, and ice) and his look (shirt off, thugged out) certainly won't gain him any creativity points. However, the reason he is a walking ster...

Snap, Crackle, Teen Pop

By Nikolas Markantonatos

October 15, 2001

Ask any elementary school girl about her current thoughts on the Backstreet Boys and get ready to receive a snippy "Nobody listens to them anymore" line. Ah, the beauty of teen pop. Here today, gone tomorrow.For the past five ...

War means honor; Flags should remain

October 15, 2001

CNN uncovered a big stink this weekend in a little town. It's not really news to us, though, because The Great Amherst Flag Drama has been playing out for over two months now. Things change though. The drama started when one o...

Peace demonstration is just insulting

By Elizabeth Pariseau

October 15, 2001

The anti-war "demonstration" held outside the Student Union on October 10 was worse than meaningless. Sadly, I don't think that the six people with bullhorns and the couple dozen students who had found an excuse to get out of...

Question identity in a foreign land

By Sharon Stimpfle

October 15, 2001

What does being an American mean to me? I find myself tackling this question, miles from my homeland. Across the Atlantic, in fact, where sympathetic eyes and consoling words greet an identity unfolded."I'm from New Jersey," I rep...

Time to rethink notions of flag

By Melody Zagami

October 15, 2001

When the U.S.S. Cole sank, Amherst High refused to fly its flag at half-mast to memorialize the soldiers that had lost their lives in the explosion.In the fall of 1999, a high school performance of "West Side Story" was cance...

Campbell talks about B-Movies

By Andrew Chin

October 15, 2001

Fans from all across Massachusetts gathered at Mt. Holyoke College this weekend to catch a glimpse of actor Bruce Campbell in action.The event was held this past Sunday at the Chapin Auditorium and included a book/memorabilia signi...

Effects of library budget cuts

By S. J. Port

October 15, 2001

Budget cuts will be take center stage when the Faculty Senate discusses issues facing the University of Massachusetts at its regular meeting on Thursday. On the agenda this week is an address from Margo Crist, Director of the L...

Minutewomen stomp through Pennsylvania

By Jesse Greenspan

October 15, 2001

Massachusetts Head Coach Patty Shea had been saying the same thing after every Maroon and White loss."You can't look at the end result," the UMass mentor explained earlier in the season. "Our goal has always been the conference becau...