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Ketanji Brown Jackson delivers opening remarks at her confirmation hearing. From C-SPAN.

What Ketanji Brown-Jackson teaches us about equal representation

By Christmaelle Vernet, Collegian Contributor April 26, 2022

Earlier this month, American history was made. On April 7, Former Vice-Chair of the United States Sentencing Commission Ketanji Brown-Jackson was confirmed by a vote of 51-47 to the United States Supreme...

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Forcing potential students to report their criminal history is just another barrier for minority groups

By Zach Leach, Collegian Columnist April 25, 2022

When a prospective student applies to the University of Massachusetts, they are asked if they have ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony. For many students, the application process ends there....

Cade Belisle / Daily Collegian

The fallacy of meritocracy

By Anay Contractor, Collegian Contributor April 21, 2022

The United States prides itself on nurturing a meritocratic society where hard work and opportunism can make something out of nothing. There’s this idea of an American dream that has captured the imagination...

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Politics cannot solve wars

By Benjamin Zhou, Collegian Contributor April 21, 2022

I have recently read many articles about the war in Ukraine that advocate to end performative activism and instead encourage participation in the political process. Many are advocating to learn about the...

Joey Lorant

L’expérience Queer : La mode queer est importante, mais elle ne nous définit pas.

By Zach Leach, Natalie Koopman, and Iris Thesmar April 20, 2022
L’identité d’une personne est valable quels que soient ses choix en matière de mode, écrit Zach Leach.
Shilpa Sweth / Daily Collegian

NATO is not to blame for Russia’s invasion, here’s why

By Liam Rue, Collegian Columnist April 20, 2022

Is Russia attacking Ukraine as self-defense against the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), as Putin claims? Or is Moscow merely using the presence of NATO near its borders as an excuse to conquer...

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Satire: University administration utilizes NPCs as student body for campus tours

By Kelly McMahan, Collegian Satire Columnist April 20, 2022

Editor’s Note: The following column is satirical. It is meant for humorous purposes. All interviews and individuals are fictitious. If you walk past the W.E.B Du Bois library on any given Friday afternoon,...

Joey Lorant / Daily Collegian

The Queer Experience: Queer fashion is important, but it does not define us

By Zach Leach, Collegian Columnist April 19, 2022
One’s identity is valid regardless of their fashion choices.
Joey Lorant / Daily Collegian

Palestinian Perspectives: The double standards of war

By Ruya Hazeyen, Collegian Columnist April 19, 2022
The war in Ukraine presents double standards for Palestinians.
Parker Peters / Daily Collegian

Perder amigos es inevitable, pero no tiene que ser algo malo

Está bien perder amigos. Ahora, esto puede ser una opinión controversial para algunos, pero me he dado cuenta de que mantener ciertas amistades puede ser más estresante y agotador que beneficioso. Siempre...

Parker Peters / Daily Collegian

Perdre des amis est inévitable, mais ce n’est pas forcément une mauvaise chose

By Alanna Joachim, Veronika Jaster, and Iris Thesmar April 15, 2022
« Perdre des amis n’est pas forcément une mauvaise chose, » écrit Alanna Joachim.
Parker Peters / Daily Collegian

Losing friends is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing

By Alanna Joachim, Collegian Columnist April 14, 2022

It is ok to lose friends. Now that might be a controversial opinion for some, but I have found that maintaining some friendships can be more stressful and draining than it is beneficial. I have always...

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