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To see the extent of packaging waste, look to the RSDs

By Catherine Hurley, Assistant Arts Editor April 14, 2022

People get a lot of interesting things shipped to the Residential Service Desks on campus — a Tide Pods container painted to look like a carved pumpkin, a 60-pound duffel bag, a loose coconut. But...

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The perks of being the token-hijabi friend

By Saliha Bayrak, Assistant News Editor April 14, 2022

It was a Saturday night, I was having a conversation with someone I had just met, and I thought we were hitting it off. Suddenly, his attention suddenly shifted elsewhere. “What is that on your head?...

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Politicians are abusing their Twitter privileges

By Luke Halpern, Collegian Columnist April 13, 2022
Opinion: Validated by their blue checkmarks, politicians are using their platforms to spread falsehoods and attack others. It has to stop, writes Luke Halpern.
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Satire: How I solved my anxiety by developing depression

By Asha Baron, Collegian Satire Columnist April 13, 2022
Opinion: Satire: I used to worry about everything, but now I care about nothing.
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Online classes were a mistake

By Will Duffy, Collegian Columnist April 12, 2022
“As both anecdotes and studies tell us, online classes are simply not an adequate substitute for in-person learning”
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Northern states should try to embrace Southern cuisine

By Zach Leach, Collegian Columnist April 12, 2022
“Traditional Southern food is cooked and sold by small Black-owned businesses, not multi-million-dollar national conglomerates”
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Satire: Face reveal day sparks unrest within the UMass community

By Kelly McMahan, Collegian Satire Columnist April 11, 2022

Editor’s Note: The following column is satirical. It is meant for humorous purposes. All interviews and individuals are fictitious. It’s been almost exactly one month since March 9, 2022, the day...

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We needed gun control a long time ago

By Zach Boisvert, Collegian Contributor April 7, 2022

Devastation. Anger. Frustration. Lament. These are all feelings felt around the country following the news of yet another fatal mass shooting. On April 3, 2022, six people were killed and 12 more were...

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Une pénurie mondiale de voitures affecte les femmes de manière disproportionnée

By Julia Otkay, Natalie Koopman, and Iris Thesmar April 6, 2022
“C’est justement une autre manifestation de l’impôt rose: les femmes finissent par payer plus pour les mêmes produits et services comparé aux hommes,” écrit Julia Oktay
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The Queer Experience: Homophobia still exists in liberal spaces

By Zach Leach, Collegian Columnist April 6, 2022
Opinion: “If you’ve ever found yourself excusing hateful behavior because you reside in a “liberal area,” you are part of the problem,” writes Zach Leach.
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The global car shortage disproportionately affects women

By Julia Oktay, Assistant Op/Ed Editor April 5, 2022
Opinion: “It’s just another manifestation of the pink tax: women end up paying more for the same products and services compared to men."
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우리는 대학의 진정한 목표를 망각했습니다

By Anay Contractor, Jacklyn Lim, and Wooseong Kwon April 4, 2022

보통의 다른 유행어처럼 우리는 "liberal arts(직역:인문학)"이라는 용어를 듣습니다. 현대의 미국 대학들은 "리버럴 아츠 칼리지"를 자처하며, 모든 학생들에게...

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