Massachusetts Daily Collegian

2018-2019 Staff

Hayley Johnson

Editor in Chief

Hayley is the editor in chief of the Daily Collegian for the 2018-19 academic year. She joined her sophomore year, starting as a news assistant and served as the news editor for a semester. She hopes to work for a print newspaper...

Kyle DaLuz

Managing Editor

Kyle is the managing editor of the Daily Collegian, as well as a night and web editor. Formerly the Collegian sports editor, Kyle has been with the Collegian since his freshman year.

Pinak Kapoor

Web Managing Editor

Pinak is the web managing editor of the Daily Collegian. He joined as a junior in the Fall 2018 semester. He currently aids the staff in transitions to the new website and any technical troubles faced by the team....

John McDonald

Business Manager

John is a junior finance major and has been working at the Daily Collegian since October of 2015. He began his time with the Collegian as the finance manager, and transitioned into the role as business manager in April of 2016. In hi...

Zach Polak

Advertising Manager

Zach is a sophomore computer science major and has been working at The Collegian since November of 2017. He started out as an advertising representative, and then transitioned to the role of advertising manager in January of 2018....

Yoav Barkai

Distribution Manager

Yoav is a junior operations and information management major and has been working for the Daily Collegian since January of 2016. He started as a advertising representative and progressed into his current role as distribution manager...

Maxwell Zaleski

Graphics Production Manager

Maxwell Zaleski is the current graphics production manager. He has worked for the Collegian for four years. He is a visual designer, and architecture major graduating in 2019. Self-referred to as “The Maximalist,” he is als...

Abigail Charpentier

News Editor

Abigail is a junior double majoring in journalism and classics and currently serves as the news editor. She joined the Collegian her freshman year and enjoys covering local events.

Amin Touri

Sports Editor

Amin is a junior and the sports editor at the Collegian. He is a journalism major with a concentration in sports journalism, and covers the softball and men's basketball teams at UMass.

Nicholas Remillard

Arts Editor

Nick is a junior and the arts editor. He heads the subsection for health and wellness. He began working at the Collegian in the fall 2017 semester.

Tess Halpern

Opinion & Editorial Editor

Tess Halpern is the head editor of the Opinion and Editorial section at the Massachusetts Daily Collegian. She is a senior English major with a double minor in political science and sociology, and this is her fourth year at the ...

Maddie Terrio

Social Media Coordinator

Madeline is a senior majoring in journalism and communication. Madeline has been on the social media team for a year now. She hopes to work in the public relations field after her time at UMass.

Andrew Esten

Comics Editor

Andrew, a senior, is the comics editor and self-elected king of crosswords of the Daily Collegian. He has been tirelessly working for this paper since his indoctrination in his sophomore year.

Rebecca Duke Wiesenberg

Translations Editor

Rebecca Duke Wiesenberg is a junior who has been working at the Collegian since Spring 2017. Beginning as an Op/Ed contributor, she then joined the news section as an assistant editor; now, she has translated her passion for ...

Megha Srinivasan

Outreach Coordinator

Megha is a communication and economics double major. She joined The Collegian last year and has enjoyed her time here. She hopes to work in marketing or the talent acquisition sector of human resources in the future.

Kevin Hiselman

Advertising Representative

Kevin is a sophomore in the Isenberg School of Management and has been working with The Daily Collegian since April of 2018. He is currently helping The Daily Collegian advertising team secure advertisements from local businesses...

Taylor Fabiani

Advertising Intern

Taylor is an advertising intern for The Daily Collegian. She is a junior majoring in marketing and started her role at The Collegian this fall. In her free time, Taylor enjoys getting lost in a good book or magazine.

Alvin Buyinza

Assistant News Editor and Assistant Photo Editor

Alvin Buyinza is a senior assistant news editor and assistant photo editor at The Daily Collegian. He joined as a sophomore in the spring 2017 semester. He mainly reports on race, gender, current events and local politics. His ...

Michael Connors

Assistant News Editor

Mike is an assistant news editor at The Daily Collegian. A senior studying political science and journalism, Mike enjoys reporting on politics and local news.

Kathrine Esten

Assistant News Editor

Kathrine is in her third semester at the Collegian, and her second semester as assistant news editor. A political science and history sophomore, Kathrine loves reporting on local controversies, but enjoys reporting on just ab...

Gretchen Keller

Assistant News Editor

Gretchen is an assistant news editor for the Daily Collegian. She was an op/ed columnist and photo contributor prior to becoming an assistant editor. Gretchen is a sophomore and extremely excited to continue her journey with th...

Will Mallas

Assistant News Editor

Will Mallas is an assistant news editor at The Daily Collegian. He joined The Collegian in his freshman year before becoming an assistant news editor in his first semester as a sophomore. Will is a political science major who...

Ryan Ames

Assistant Sports Editor

Ryan is an assistant sports editor for the Daily Collegian. A senior, Ryan primarily covers the UMass hockey team.

Thomas Haines

Assistant Sports Editor

Thomas Haines is an assistant sports editor for The Daily Collegian. After joining the paper his freshman year, he now covers the UMass men’s basketball team and has spent two years covering UMass field hockey.

Thomas Johnston

Assistant Sports Editor

Thomas has been writing for The Collegian since his freshman year and is currently an assistant sports editor. He primarily covers men’s basketball and men’s lacrosse.

Trent Babington

Assistant Arts Editor

Trent is an assistant arts editor. He leads the subsection focusing on media criticism and literature. He joined The Collegian his freshman year as an Op/Ed contributor. He hopes to pursue a career as a writer and editor.

Lauren Crociati

Assistant Arts Editor and Social Media Assistant

Lauren is a senior journalism major working towards a minor in political science. She has written for the Collegian since her freshman year and is excited to now work as a social media assistant and assistant arts editor. She h...

Chandley McKenzie

Assistant Arts Editor

Chandley is a senior biology and English double major who began working for The Massachusetts Daily Collegian in the fall of 2018. She is an assistant arts editor with a subsection focusing primarily on film and creative writing,...

James Mazarakis

Assistant Op-Ed Editor

James is an op-ed assistant at The Collegian. He is a junior sustainable community development major also studying mathematics and public policy. A former columnist, this is James's first year as an assistant editor. He is seeking...

Jessica Primavera

Assistant Op-Ed Editor

Jessica Primavera is a senior linguistics major and psychology minor. She has been working at The Collegian since October 2015. She is a copy editor and also an assistant editor for the Opinion/Editorial section.

Morgan Reppert

Assistant Op-Ed Editor

Morgan began writing for the Daily Collegian fall of her freshmen year. She like to cover issues that affect the student body and campus life. The Collegian serves as a great medium for connecting students with news and informat...

Daniel Riley

Assistant Op-Ed Editor

A senior, Dan is an assistant editor and columnist for the Op/Ed section of the Daily Collegian. In his fourth year at the Collegian, he writes about politics, environmentalism and student culture.

Jon Asgeirsson

Assistant Photo Editor

Jon Asgeirsson recently started as an assistant photo editor for the Daily Collegian. He is a senior political science major and is excited to learn the ways of the Collegian.

Will Katcher

Assistant Photo Editor

Will is a sophomore journalism major and an assistant photos editor for The Daily Collegian. He joined his freshman year and also contributes to the news section and covers men’s soccer for the sports section.

Alex Kelleher

Social Media Assistant

Alex is a senior communication major and economics minor. She has been a social media assistant for the past two years. She hopes to work in marketing upon graduation.

Samantha Zaino

Social Media Assistant

Samantha is a senior double majoring in journalism and communication. She joined the Collegian last year and has loved all of the opportunities. She hopes to be involved in public relations after graduation. Samantha loves blogging...

Amanda Lorenzo

Graphics Assistant

Amanda Lorenzo is a graphics assistant at the Collegian. She is a junior studying history and legal studies. Having joined the Collegian team in the fall of her sophomore year, she hopes to continue to grow as a designer and visual...