Massachusetts Daily Collegian

The Phablet continues to grow and maintain popularity

By Emma Sandler

October 20, 2014

If there is one thing in the tech world that is cyclical, it is big cell phones. Since the introduction of the HTC Advantage and Apple iPhone in 2007, with five and 3.5-inch diagonal screens, respectively, the screen size has...

Radioactivity inactive in cell phones

By Matthew M. Robare

April 14, 2011

Ever since movie studios first realized that you could film something very small and make it look very large on the screen, they have cranked out sci-fi B-movies in the hundreds. This entailed putting an over-the-hill Boris Karloff ...

Political polls revolutionized by increased cell phone use

By Nancy Pierce

October 31, 2010

Political pollsters are having a difficult time receiving responses from residents due to diminishing landline phone use and increasing cell phone use. Brian F. Schaffner, an associate professor in the Political Science Departmen...