Massachusetts Daily Collegian

Do androids dream of electric Tweets?

By Johnny McCabe

October 1, 2013

In the modern age of information domination, spambots and their ilk are no strange sight. Advertising has flooded from the television and the radio waves onto the nascent playground of the Internet, a veritable landscape of possibilities for the enterprising entrepreneur. Much of the day-to-day w...

Perspectives on a summer job in retail

By Elise Martorano

September 24, 2013

After 19 years of mooching off of my parents, this summer I finally sucked it up and decided to be “self-sufficient.” I got a summer job. I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting – probably something easy and boring,...

The Importance of English

By Steven Gillard

September 24, 2013

A quick Google search can take you to pages of the “best college majors,” a field largely dominated by the sciences nowadays. At the opposite end of the spectrum, listed under “worst majors,” you will usually find fields...

The worth of the polymath

By Maral Margossian

September 24, 2013

In ninth grade, I was convinced that the circus was the perfect place for me to begin my career. I wanted to travel, be a fashion designer, photographer, trapeze artist, journalist and I loved lions. I didn’t want to sacrifice...

Use and abuse do not need a noose

By Yaroslav Mikhaylov

January 23, 2011

According to many, the United States government is marked by waste, with money spent on programs that simply don’t achieve results. With the current rhetorical focus on cutting such pointless costs, it’s time to examine a...