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Food of the World: Italy

Food of the World: Italy

September 10, 2014

Video: Halloween Witch Hat Cupcakes Recipe

By Aviva Luttrell

October 26, 2012

Halloween treats are fun, creative and easy to make. Watch how to make delicious Witch Hat Cupcakes! Halloween Witch Hat Cupcakes from Daily Collegian on Vimeo....

Warm Winter Recipes

By Samantha Gillis

December 1, 2011

Mug Cake I’m not sure when the 5 minute mug cake first hit the internet but it’s been floating around for a while. I was hesitant at first but after seeing so many different, delicious looking variations I decided I might as well try the basic chocolate. Here’s the thing wi...

Cook the perfect meal for your Valentine

By Kelsey Schachter

February 14, 2011

♥ The Daily Collegian's Guide to Valentine's Day 2011 ♥ I took a brief step into the real world by cooking a grown up Valentine’s Day dinner using some of the items from the traditional top 10 most romantic foods. Singles out there- please d...

Want to go green? Add spinach to your pasta!

By Nicole Sforza

September 26, 2010

Are you sick of  eating the same food in the Dining Commons? Wanting to try something new with a little flavor? Or maybe you’re trying to find a recipe to impress a special someone in your life? Well here’s a colorful, delicious, inexpensive, quick and easy recipe that wil...

How to slap together a perfect pancake holiday

By Leslie Rosenfield

September 23, 2010

Sunday, Sept. 26 may seem like any other day, but, in fact, it marks one of the greatest – and least known – holidays, National Pancake Day. The special occasion is an ode to all those who love breakfast. So put your bacon, eggs and cheese away, and go get some pancake ingredi...

Healthy Cooking: Simplified

By Steven McPartland

April 6, 2010

Cooking an enjoyable meal every night for yourself can be a daunting task, and making it a healthy meal can make the difficult seem downright impossible. You’re strapped for time, you don’t want to spend a fortune. You want...

How to impress a girl for $8.07: A man-made meal on a college budget

By Justin Gagnon

March 9, 2010

Between books, food, beer and, for some of us, tuition and housing, the costs of living as a college student can add up quickly. Add a girlfriend into the mix and you may find yourself really behind on cash flow. As if it wasn’t...