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Czech Republic 2011: Castle Prague and Lennon Wall

By Derek Plante

May 23, 2011

These blogs are more work than I originally anticipated. I revise these things almost more than I just write them. Not to mention they always seem to get done about two days after they actually happen, but without an internet connection, I suppose that ca...

Czech Republic 2011: The yo-yo tournament

By Derek Plante

May 21, 2011

Quick interjection for you folks, I apologize in advance for misspelt names or missing accents, I’m doing my best to find the correct spelling and names. Thanks. Saturday, May 21 4th Day- Went to a Czech yo-yo tournament with Mr. Coons held in a ...

Czech Republic 2011: The First Day

By Derek Plante

May 19, 2011

On the ground, we were picked up by a yo-yoing pal of Jeff’s nicknamed “Korda,” (really-named Jan, pronounced Yan for those of you not speaking Czech, but also called Honza. “Korda” itself is a play off of his last name of “K...

Czech Republic 2011: The Journey

By Derek Plante

May 18, 2011

I’m sitting on the second floor of an unconstructed house in Nové Město (New Town), Prague, with two 10-foot doors open to a thunderstorm and the sight of two massive church spires just past two very inconveniently-placed trees. It...