Massachusetts Daily Collegian

Privacy too often sacrificed in the name of “security”

By Jason Roche

April 5, 2013

Fear no more: over the course of the next year, the federal government will be introducing a wide range of new surveillance policies, techniques and hardware designed to identify and prosecute everyone who means you harm. The D...

The digitalization of news

By Jillian Correira

November 1, 2012

John Doe is a working man living in a secluded suburb of a small town in a quiet part of Massachusetts. For years he has maintained the ritual of waking up at 6 a.m., sipping his coffee and flipping through the newspaper. Sip, read, f...

Writers in the digital age

By Jeff Bagdigian

October 19, 2011

It is my sincere hope that one day I will be able to support myself on my writing alone, being my own boss and all that. Will it happen? I have absolutely no idea, but it does make me think about the future of the written word. The ...

The “Unplugged” becomes new minority

By Max Calloway

September 21, 2010

Meet Arthur. Arthur owns and runs one of the many street corner news stands found around Philadelphia. Everyday customers come to him for the latest news, gossip and good conversation. On Fridays, Arthur goes to his local mosque...