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Has Timeline crossed a line?

By Samara Abramson

January 26, 2012

Social media has become one of the most prominent facets of our generation, and while Facebook reigns at the top of the spectrum, its constant changes have people all over the world asking: How much more change can we take? One...

Facebook Timeline changeover causes concern as total switch looms

By Garth Brody

January 25, 2012

Has Facebook crossed the line this time? Facebook’s latest iteration of its graphical user interface, Timeline, which has been advertised by the website’s founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg as the means to a m...

The Institution of Education in times of technological incline

By Taylor Schlacter

December 5, 2011

Over the course of history, many of society’s institutions, such as medical or industrial institutions, have been constantly redefined and improved by the growing capacity of human knowledge. These improvements can readily be...

The Internet: the final frontier

By Dave Coffey

November 21, 2011

This year, two extremely comprehensive pieces of legislation were introduced in the U.S. Congress. In May, the Protect IP Act (PIPA) was introduced in the Senate, and just over a month ago the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) was introduced in the ...

Stumble to better homework

By Samara Abramson

November 18, 2011

I decided that procrastination is a part of the studying process. Everyone procrastinates, whether he or she wants to admit to it or not, and we all have our own unique ways of doing so. I would guess that the three most comm...

People power

By Cassie Jeon

October 17, 2011

Word of mouth has always been a powerful force in society. Along with increasing access to the Internet and the wide variety of social media, people are more connected than ever. The constant Facebook or Twitter updates help...

Twitter, the social networking superior

By rose mirandi

October 12, 2011

As Mark Zuckerberg constantly updates Facebook, people are screaming for a simpler way of socializing. There is only one answer: Twitter. It’s almost impossible to get annoyed with that girl from high school that won’t shut up about how drunk she got last weekend because she’s a l...

Podcast:The Creep Factor

By Emily Felder

October 11, 2011

Victoria Knobloch and Emily Felder are creeped out by certain male interactions. The Creep Factor

Facebook: A New Way to Procrastinate

By Kim Giordano

October 10, 2011

Have you ever noticed that the night before a major paper or exam, you find yourself continuously going back to Facebook? Walking by the computers in the library, I see student after student checking Facebook, instead of ...

‘Georgia has blood on its hands.’

By Michelle Alcott

September 26, 2011

On Wednesday morning, Sept. 21, I opened my Facebook to find that my friend Tk Karakashian Tunchez wrote “I’m raising a Black boy in a world where Black men are endangered species and state-sanctioned lynchings don’t ev...

By Rachael Roth

September 25, 2011

Every time I send a message into cyberspace, part of my soul dies a little. About a month ago, I posted this on Facebook, to which a friend responded, “Stamps and envelopes just aren’t that expensive.” I wrote three...

Keeping up with Facebook: Recent site updates decoded

By Herb Scribner

September 21, 2011

On Tuesday, when users logged onto Facebook, they weren’t given an entirely new model to look at, but an entirely new experience drawn from other social media outlets. For users unaccustomed to the new model or for those lo...