Massachusetts Daily Collegian

The Prowess of Franklin Dining Common

By Tommy Verdone

March 27, 2013

From the outside, Franklin Dining Commons, commonly referred to as “Frank,” looks something like a double decker Pizza Hut encased with windows. But the oddly shaped and weirdly laid out building is the friendliest dining comm...

How to Eat Healthy in the Dining Halls

By Elise Martorano

March 27, 2013

With spring approaching, students all around are desperately searching for ways to reverse the freshman fifteen. Because it’s so easy to load up on a ton of sugar, processed foods and carbohydrates at the dining halls, outli...

The Dining Commons Underbelly: The Life of a Sushi Chef

By Andrea Greenberg

November 26, 2012

Clad in a black jacket and chef’s hat, smears of avocado on my sleeves, and perhaps a grain of rice that somehow located itself below my eyebrow, I can be found working behind the sushi bar at the Franklin Dining Common twice a week. On my feet and occupied ...

New permaculture garden makes progress

By Karissa Hamblet

November 18, 2010

As the constant stream of construction continues around the University of Massachusetts, a notable change in the landscape is taking place outside Franklin Dining Commons – the Franklin Permaculture Garden has recen...