Massachusetts Daily Collegian

UMass through the eyes of a transfer

By Taylor Gilmore

September 23, 2012

Have you ever had Déjà vu? That strange feeling where you think that something you’re experiencing has already happened? Well that’s how Ifeel everyday. I just transferred to UMass from a school about 1/8 the size, and despite the 30 credits I accumulated last year, I fe...

Youth holding serve for Minutemen

By Nick Canelas

September 19, 2012

To call the Massachusetts men’s soccer team young may be an understatement. After graduating eight players and a graduate student last year, the Minutemen were left with only three seniors coming into this season, including goalkeeper Brian Frame entering his first fu...

Top 5 – Tips for UMass freshmen

By Molly Keegan

September 4, 2012

With classes starting this week, it’s time to finally put orientation behind you and dive into the real world of UMass Amherst. Freshman year is a huge transition, but there are lots of ways to make the change easier. Here ...

UMass move-in day 2011

By Rachel Tumin

September 13, 2011

Students share their experiences of move-in day for fall semester.

Not enough UMass housing to meet demand

By Katie Landeck

September 5, 2011

Due to a high demand for on-campus housing and large freshmen and transfer classes, University of Massachusetts Residential Life has been forced to create 200 economy triple dorm rooms and has denied 257 transfer students housing,...

Largest freshman class comes to UMass

By Sam Hayes

September 5, 2011

Continuing a trend that started several years ago, this year’s incoming freshmen class at the University of Massachusetts is again one of the largest, most selective and top-ranking classes in UMass’ history, according to...

Study shows 1st-year students have high ambitions

By Kara Clifford

February 10, 2011

A recent survey administered by the Higher Education Research Institute found that this year’s first-year students have greater ambitions and academic ability than years before. The survey revealed that 71.2 percent of fir...

College freshmen more stressed than ever

By Nancy Pierce

February 6, 2011

College freshmen have experienced the highest levels of stress in 25 years and a 3.4 percent drop in overall emotional health from 2009 to 2010, according to a recent study. An annual survey by the Cooperative Institutional Research Program at the University of California, Los Angeles’ Higher Education Res...

Minutemen try for 3-game win streak

By Steve Levine

December 2, 2010

Following an abysmal start, the Massachusetts hockey team has completed a 180 degree turn over the past four weeks. The Minutemen (2-6-3, 1-3-3 Hockey East) reached their low point on November 12, when they lost to then-ranked New Hampshire in the first game of a w...

Dartmouth Head Regatta awaits Minutewomen

By Stephen Sellner

November 4, 2010

With the Massachusetts rowing team’s fall campaign drawing to a close, the squad seems to be in top form and in great shape going into its annual winter training session and the 2011 spring season. If the impressive performances...

Class of 2014 sets university record of applicants

By Ashley Berger

September 8, 2010

As another school year opens, the University of Massachusetts welcomes another freshman class to its campus. This year, those freshmen happen to be the largest number of incoming students in UMass history. A record 31,000 students applied t...